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4 Awesome Vegan Recipes For Fall You Will Enjoy

4  Awesome Vegan Recipes For Fall

Here are some really awesome vegan recipes for Fall. Beautiful delicious creations for fall, the right time of the year to buy the ingredients fresh and local from the farmers market.

Now is the time for Apples, Pumpkins, and Pears. Really good Ideas for taking advantage of this opportunity and make it into something healthy, tasty, delicious, convenient, and quick.

Check out those awesome vegan recipes for fall below and get busy with preparing them for you and your family and friends.

They will appreciate it.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

These ooey gooey vegan pumpkin cinnamon rolls are a delicious treat to make for breakfast or brunch. Make with bread flour, which gives them the perfect fluffy texture. Here is the whole recipe Pumpkin cinnamon rolls

Bakewell Apple Tart

Whoop whoop it’s apple season and I’m celebrating with this hearty vegan and gluten-free Apple Bakewell Tart. 

I’ve just returned from my holiday from a sunnier, warmer land (now I’m back wearing socks – boo!) and I definitely feel like Autumn has gotten into full swing. The difference within the week is quite dramatic, the leaves have turned more, they’re dropping daily AND it’s meant more apples have dropped from our apple tree. We never used to do anything with the windfall apples, they’d lie on the grass and go rotten – what a waste! Well, things have changed around here, and I’m picking up these apples, picking out the bad bits, and slicing up these bad boys, because these are too good to waste.

 Apple Tart Recipe

Apple & Blackberry Cobbler


There is something much more satisfying about eating your pud when you pick your own berries. Got scratched by the brambles, stung by a couple of nettles, and have washed any potential creepy crawlies away! I promise I’m not lying!

I’ve not made a cobbler before and didn’t really know the difference compared to a crumble. My version probably isn’t a traditional cobbler, from what I gather they usually are a bit more scone-like, but I think I prefer this to crumble!

See  the recipe here >Apple & Blackberry Cobbler


I wanted to make a pear cake in ages. So I came up with this fantastic autumn cake, which is super easy to make. Go to your local supermarket, pick up all ingredients.  You will only need 10 – 15 minutes to prepare this vegan dessert. It’s that simple and it tastes amazing!


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