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Amaranth A Powerful Healthy Grain And Its Benefits

Amaranth is a power grain that makes you strong!

Amaranth a healthy grain has excellent nutritional value, is a good-mood food, has optimal nutrition, is top for the brain and even gluten-free.

Scientific studies prove the extraordinary dietary value of Amaranth. The favorable nutrient composition of the small granules makes them an optimal nutritional supplement that is rich in easily digestible nutrients. The tiny seeds increase the mental and physical performance, improve the mood and should also delay the aging process. Amaranth is gluten-free.

What is Amaranth?

Already 3,000 years ago, the Aztecs in Mexico and the Incas swore in Peru on the small power grain: Amaranth belongs to the foxtail plants, the Amaranth seeds are tiny, in a plant grow up to 50,000 grains. The seeds and leaves of the plant were among the staple foods of these peoples, who were known for their health. Similar to buckwheat, amaranth is treated in our kitchen like a grain but belongs to the so-called pseudo-grain, which also includes the superfood quinoa. Incidentally, the name Amaranthus means something like “not wilting,” or something even more translucent: immortal. There are about 70 different species of Amaranth a healthy grain.

Where is amaranth grown?

Originally, Amaranth comes from South and Central America, but has been grown in Europe for more than 30 years and also in California, which works well, just because the Amaranth plant is very undemanding, does not need much care and brings good yields quickly.

Amaranth a healthy grain and superfood

At 56 grams, the carbohydrate content of amaranth is much lower than that of grains. The carbohydrates contained in amaranth are also very easy to use and cause the blood sugar level to rise slowly. If you  would like to lose weight, include Amaranth into your diet

The grains have a high content of fiber, which has a positive impact on satiety and intestinal health. You can avoid food cravings because the fibers have a filling effect.

Amaranth oil is right for your beauty and smooth skin and also as an anti-aging agent.

Amaranth a healthy grain as raw food

The Inca grain is a great addition especially for morning cereals, but the granules also offer a variety of other uses. You should always soak the Amaranth seeds before eating it raw. If you soak the grain for about 10 hours before eating, it can be eaten raw without any problems.

The ground seeds as a dietary supplement on an empty stomach and mixed with water can be mood-enhancing and antidepressant. In this case, it is hardly more than 20 grams, which is a harmless amount.

To use all ingredients, you can also consume Amaranth as raw food. One to two tablespoons finely ground seeds in the breakfast cereal with plenty of fruit and a little liquid provide the healthy nutrients. Important: drink at least two glasses of water afterward!

How does Amaranth taste?

Amaranth has a delicate, slightly nutty taste. Amaranth tastes relatively neutral. As a salad, the Amaranth greens taste similar to Arugula and Spinach mixture.

Sprout Amaranth.

Sprouting Amaranth is easy. When you sprout  Amaranth, it increases nutrient absorption, it is easier to digest and may increase enzymes and antioxidants.

The young leaves of the amaranth plant are an excellent substitute for spinach or chard vegetables. They contain no oxalate or nitrate like the two classic vegetables. They provide all the healthy ingredients of the amaranth grain and some other vitamins. If you want to prepare the leaves raw, you can wash them, pick them apart and mix with other salads or serve them alone with vinegar or lemon and oil.

You can easily grow them in pots or in your garden.

Strawberry Banana Amaranth Smoothie

Amaranth A Powerful Healthy Grain And Its Benefits

Consuming amaranth is also a natural way to reduce inflammation and has been shown to help lower cholesterol. This recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan-friendly.


Amaranth A Powerful Healthy Grain And Its Benefits


Another raw dessert/ snack recipe? Why say no to a quick-to put together recipe, which is not only healthy but so gooey and chocolatey…its like when granola bar meets brownie!

Raw Amaranth Lembas Bread

Amaranth A Powerful Healthy Grain And Its Benefits


Try to make it look more like Lembas bread, want to make a square shape and maybe sweet taste. Anyway, this Amaranth bread is a very delicious, nutritious, and nice snack.  Eat this bread with salad and avocado spread.

Avocado “Fries” & Sprouted Amaranth Cracker Recipes


I love to make raw snacks. Healthy raw oils like from seeds, nuts, avocados, and olives are very important in a vegan diet, especially if you are endeavoring to eat more raw foods. Sprouted amaranth seeds are tiny.


Amaranth A Powerful Healthy Grain And Its Benefits

Today I have an amazing Pistachio Amaranth Moringa Bars recipe for you. A little fusion between high protein superfood bars and raw dessert these are just so moreish. I’ve been having these for mid-morning or afternoon snacks and they give you just the perfect boost.

Erb Muesli – lactose-free, gluten-free (vegan, raw, clean)

Erb-Muesli is a vegan (lactose-free), raw muesli. With seeds instead of grains, it is gluten-free and a good “bread replacement”.

Tofu Amaranth Salad Recipe

Amaranth A Powerful Healthy Grain And Its Benefits

It’s not a big deal if you can find amaranth leaves…just toss whatever you like into this bowl, really. The little gems, avocado, and dressing are a nice backdrop for all sorts of things – as we’re heading toward fall,

A Great Addition to Your Diet

Amaranth sprouts make a tasty addition to sandwiches and salads, and amaranth is compatible with a gluten-free diet as well. Try adding this nutritious food source to your diet. Sprouting Amaranth seeds

Microgreen Salad (Nut Free, Vegan)


This vibrant salad features locally grown microgreens, that have traveled a very short distance to be on your plate – low carbon footprint with high nutrient gains!

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