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Awesome Raw Vegan Bread And Cracker Recipes For A Healthy Snack

Raw Vegan Bread and Cracker for your snack time.

Raw Vegan bread and cracker are much easier to produce than conventional bread. They get by without yeast and artificial raising agents. Apart from germination and drying times, it is also faster to produce raw food bread. Use ground buckwheat or flaxseeds as an adhesive for the preparation. Other ingredients are Almonds, nuts, and all sorts of spices.

Cracker is totally practical! They taste good, are a great raw food to snack, and 2Go, rich in variety and last forever!

Today we introduce recipes for raw bread or cracker to you. Raw vegan bread can be very hearty and spicy with leek, onion, and garlic and can either be nibbled pure, as crackers for dipping or topped with vegetables, spreads, etc. In summer, the “dough” can also be wonderfully complemented by fresh wild herbs.

You can experiment with raw vegan bread and cracker. Because even as a raw foodie you like to have bread in your menu. The habits are too deep, and it is too lovely to smear bread and enjoy it to a tea or a salad. Everybody is looking for ways to satisfy the needs at the whole level: our mental and emotional as well as our physiological needs for rich and natural nutrients, which we often do not notice.

When it comes to bread, no one is happy without it, it is something missing. Therefore, the purchase of a dehydrator is absolutely worth it not only for cracker and bread making!

If you want to have a healthy snack that does not contain sulfur or any other preservatives, dehydrating is perfect!

The warm air flow removes water from the dried material. Usually, fruits and vegetables contain 80-90% water. After drying are still about 10-20% remaining. In the process, microorganisms that decompose the food are deprived of their livelihood, thus extending their shelf life. You can store dried foods for several months if the water content is correspondingly low.

Also, the aroma is concentrated, which is why dehydrated food always tastes very intense.

For fruits like apples, kiwi, pineapple, mangoes, tomatoes, apricots, prunes, you will experience a flavor explosion. Sweet potatoes (previously mixed with some coconut oil and sea salt, gives crunchy chips), herbs, mushrooms, and more.

What can you dehydrate?

As good as everything. Here there are recipes for raw vegan bread and cracker. You can simply mix grains such as flaxseed, sunflower seeds, etc. with vegetables, onions, herbs, and spices and then paint this mass on a baking paper or a sheet for the dehydrator. Super delicious! Of course, you can make the whole in sweet with nuts, oatmeal, raisins, Mable syrup, etc., then you get a delightful cereal bar or biscuits.

The creativity is limitless, and you can experiment again and again. Here are some of the best raw vegan bread and cracker recipes for you.

Awesome Raw Vegan Bread And Cracker Recipes For A Healthy Snack

Avocado Hummus & Raw Flaxseed Crackers

Crisps are notoriously the side snack for dipping. This makes perfect sense since crisps and hummus are surely the best food combo out there. Keep your body clean and try these Raw Flax Crackers


Awesome Raw Vegan Bread And Cracker Recipes For A Healthy Snack

These raw crackers are not bad, if I can say so myself  After trying many raw bread and crackers, I really started to wonder if all raw bread just tastes cardboard only… So I decided to make my own.

Raw Olive Spread With Dandelion Flax Crackers [Vegan, Grain-Free]

This tapenade-inspired olive spread is not only delicious on top of these homemade, raw, and grain-free dandelion flax crackers, but also on salads and sandwiches!


Awesome Raw Vegan Bread And Cracker Recipes For A Healthy Snack

I really hope you enjoy this raw bread. It takes all of 15-20 minutes to make and taste better than any conventional bread I have eaten.


Awesome Raw Vegan Bread And Cracker Recipes For A Healthy Snack

These are like raw crackers but with onion in them really and if you cut them so they are big enough they are bread-sized slices for sandwiches!  Enjoy


These are gluten-free as they are made from buckwheat, and the caramel flavour comes from Mesquite – which is full of goodness.


I like to think of these as replacing rice crackers, and biscuits that you might have with a yummy hummus or raw dip!

More recipes here >5 Of The Best Raw Vegan Bread Recipes

4 Ingredient NO-BAKE Banana Bread Bars [VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, RAW]

These no-bake banana bread bars are quick and easy to whip up. They’re a healthy snack that you can bring to work or put into your kids’ lunch boxes. These bars are full of fiber from the oats and packed with flavor from the bananas, dates, and cinnamon. They’re also vegan, gluten-free, and raw!


 photo by Chef Joey Z. “I bought a bag of raw crackers at my local health food store and thought, “I can make these” so I gave them a try and I think the finished product was pretty good.

Raw Chia Seed Crackers

Try making these delicious, healthy crackers. They are made from chia seeds which are a powerhouse of nutrients. I flavoured mine with fresh herbs from the garden and sea salt but I am sure you could add any number of flavours. Try different seasonings in the form of herbs and spices or maybe some parmesan or pesto.

Raw Kamut Bread

Awesome Raw Vegan Bread And Cracker Recipes For A Healthy Snack

Bread is something that you might miss eating a raw food diet, I know I did at first. Fortunately, there is raw bread. The onion bread recipe is one that I have enjoyed many times. It is however not always the right choice.

Raw Vegan Herb And Seed Bread

This recipe starts with ground sunflower seeds and flax seeds. I then added finely chopped onion and grated carrots. Fresh parsley and oregano from my garden added even more flavor. The result was very satisfying indeed.

Sprouted Buckwheat Bread

 by Ama Opare

I created this oil-free recipe as we head full steam ahead into eating all raw. It includes veggie pulp leftover from juicing and olives, sun-dried tomatoes to give it plenty of flavors.


Awesome Raw Vegan Bread And Cracker Recipes For A Healthy Snack

One major problem people have when going raw is that they can not seem to leave the all-time favorite food which is bread, but like many of our favorite foods, it is not always the best for us when it comes to our health – especially what’s available as our options today As most of us know, almost all bread is a processed food-like product, it’s not real food (we don’t find slices of bread hanging from plants or trees, right?).