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Vegan Pizza and Spaghetti ? Here Is How To Make It At Home

Make your own Vegan Pizza and Spaghetti

Here 3  delicious Recipes for Vegan Pizza and Spaghetti plus a homemade vegan Ceasar dressing to use for the salad. All easy, fast and tasty. Bake this vegan Ziti Pizza, and your own vegan parmesan recipe are here for you as well.

The spaghetti squash is made with a delicious tomato cream sauce, the name alone is mouthwatering and the preparation takes all together only 50 minutes.

The Caesar dressing can be kept and used for 6 servings, best is to have a Vitamix Blender for this, which makes it faster to prepare. Ready for a pizza party? Not only Kids love this.


Here Is How To Make It


If you love pizza and you love baked ziti, why not try them together? This pizza combines all the goodness of baked ziti with the convenience of a crispy pizza crust! Try making this for the next party you go to, we guarantee that it won’t last long.

To Make the Vegan Parmesan > BAKED ZITI PIZZA [VEGAN]

 Vegan Spaghetti Squash with Tomato Cream Sauce

Make Hummusapien‘s low-carb comfort food using spaghetti squash flavored with a simple 5-ingredient sauce. Mix canned tomatoes, cashews, water, basil, and salt to make a vegan cream sauce. If you’re not feeling spaghetti squash try using spinach or kale instead.

Instructions: source: Recipe

Homemade Vegan Caesar Dressing

Can you believe this Vegan Caesar Dressing tastes just like the real thing? It’s ultra-creamy with hints of briny, garlicky, and umami flavors. Made with a cashew cream base and a handful of simple ingredients, it’s a must-have vegan salad dressing.

source >Homemade Vegan Caesar Dressing

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