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Cannabis Or Hemp The Miracle Plant What You Need To Know About

Cannabis or Hemp, the miracle plant – Is an ancient crop.

From the very beginning, Cannabis or Hemp played a decisive role as a raw material plant in the high cultures of this earth. Already 12,000 years ago, the plant was cultivated in Persia and China as grain.

Cannabis Or Hemp The Miracle Plant What You Need To Know About

Especially the seeds of cannabis or hemp were among the most important foods in many ancient civilizations. Scientists found that hemp was grown and used in China, India, Babylon, Persia, Egypt, and North and South American cultures.

The use of the miracle plant

Of course, these people also used the plant for the production of ropes and garments, but they used the seed or the plant with particular preferences in their diet.

People ate the seeds and ground them into a high-protein flour or processed them into oil and butter.

Cannabis Or Hemp The Miracle Plant What You Need To Know About

In the past, from Cannabis, people also made analgesic remedies. It made fabrics and clothing, and it produced ship ropes.

Also, the paper was made from the Cannabis plant, which protected the forests. Artists such as van Gogh created their works on hemp linen. The oil was used to produce paints and varnishes.

The miracle plant could even be turned into cars.

Interestingly, it was still considered a punishable offense in the 18th century in some American states if a farmer did not want to grow hemp. You could even pay your taxes with cannabis. And during World War II, those peasants and their sons were exempted from military service dedicated to hemp cultivation.

Why was this plant so important and valuable back then? 

From hemp, we could make all that can be produced from petroleum. Also, all that we can create from wood.

Hemp protects the environment and improves soils.

In addition to all these countless uses, cannabis is an incredibly frugal plant that thrives in almost all soils with little or no fertilization. The plant is hardly susceptible to diseases or pests and independently suppresses any weed growth. Therefore there is no need for pesticides and herbicides in hemp cultivation. At the same time, it is considered an improver of soil structure and soil fertility.

But that did not fit into the concept of some influential groups.
Big corporations had patents on the production of plastics from petroleum in the 1930s, and powerful paper magnates were hoping to make millions of profits from selling their forests.

Fight against Cannabis or hemp, the miracle plant.

The big campaign against an innocent plant began. They blamed this plant for almost all the evils of the then society. Whether drug addiction, murder, car accidents, or immorality, hemp was the culprit. However, the media did not say and write “hemp” but “marijuana.”

People connected too many positive and helpful things with this plant. So they created the fancy name marijuana to promote the revolt of society against hemp quickly and effectively.

People did not know that marijuana means hemp.

Many people did not know that marijuana and hemp were the same. They supported the defamation of the plant and the enforcement of a hemp ban, which they would never have done if they had known the truth. They did not realize that the prohibition of marijuana also takes their hemp away.

Cannabis cultivation prohibited

In 1961, it was finally worldwide: marijuana, alias hemp, was equated to opiates and was practically called only in the same breath as dangerous drugs.

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A rediscovered crop of the 21st century?

The raw material of the Plant fiber can be used to obtain insulation and insulating materials and is also the basis for numerous textile and paper products, even fuel. ?. The protein-rich hemp seeds can be cosmetic preparations but also food to win.

The miracle plant for food

Today, you can find hemp products in health food stores and supermarkets more frequently. For example, hemp oil, hemp protein, hemp milk, hemp hearts, and textiles made of hemp.

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True History of Marijuana

The REAL Reason Cannabis Was Prohibited!

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