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Body Cleanse – Cleanse To Feel Well

  Body Cleanse – Cleanse to  Feel WellBody Cleanse - Cleanse to feel well

In order to understand the positive impact of a Body Cleanse or detox, we need some basic information about the health impacts of waste and toxins in our body. After reading this article, you will be able to realize how much your body needs a Cleanse to feel well Waste and acids make us sick and there can be many different substances.

The alternative medicine looks for acids the body stores in the tissues. This body damaging substances usually come during the digestion of unhealthy food but also come from the environment and toxic loads to which we are more and more exposed in our time. They can be stored permanently in our organism and in the connective tissues.

To the waste also belong problematic substances such as oxidized cholesterol in the blood vessel walls and is called arteriosclerosis. This can have serious consequences for the heart and brain health and it can lead to heart attack and stroke.

There can be also waste as a result of metabolic disorders, like bladder stones.  kidney stones and gallstones. These uric acid crystals will lead to gout and kidney stones.

Deposits in the joints, leading to pain and immobility. And finally, the deposits of fat leads to overweight.

Of course, the worse the food, the more waste products are created in the body. A poor diet weakens the intestine, kidney, liver and reduces the ability of the body to excrete these waste products.

We need to cleanse to feel well and prevent the building of this waste.

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Which foods produce this waste?

A diet that leads to this waste is for many people quite normal in our time. Unfortunately, it is the daily diet of most modern people. Such diet consists of white flour products like pasta and baked goods, meat and dairy products, sausage, cheese, coffee and cake, biscuits, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and the many finished products – processed Food.

These waste products are a burden for the entire organism. The food and beverages listed above most people eat not only daily, but also in too large amounts. Our organism is only able to get rid of a small part of the waste through kidney and intestine.

Most of it remains in the body.

Acids, have naturally corrosive properties in the body and must be neutralized.

This can be done with the help of basic mineral substances like calcium and magnesium. Acid waste (salts ) will be stored in less well-perfused tissues. such as connective tissue or in the joints and also in the blood vessel walls.

Here they can lead to cellulite, excessive fat deposits, joint pain, and many other health problems.

Acids affect the functions of the entire body and can make people sick.

We need to cleanse to feel well

Detox or fasting

Taking into account the facts listed above it is a good idea to fast, let the body get rid of the harmful waste products and lose weight, so it can detoxify.

Basically, this idea is good – but not for everyone fasting is good.

People who are already suffering from serious health problems as well as people whose liver is affected by toxic influences, should not do fasting

The organ system would be overwhelmed because of the body releases during fasting more acids and poisons.

And during a juice fast, for example, many people would suffer from massive weakness, dizziness, and an inability to get through everyday life.

A special detox and an introduction to a healthier diet would be good here.

The alternative to fasting: detox

A detox diet allows the body to get rid of waste and acid, without overwhelming the organ system. This detox can be done easily. The intake of acid-forming foods is restricted, with an increase of alkaline-forming foods. Such detox has a very positive impact on health.

At the same time, excess pounds disappear without hunger.

Become active! Take the opportunity to benefit your health and detoxify.

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