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How To Make Awesome Delicious Fruit Pulp Crackers

Make fruit pulp crackers after juicing.

If you make juices, you can make fruit pulp crackers afterward. This will be a good use of whole fruits and fibers.

What to do with the fruit pulp after juicing?” This is a common question. Anyone who has often juiced knows this: one has a lot of pulp left.
For those of you who do not know what fruit pulp is: juice pulp is the solid residues that remain after pressing the juice out of plants, fruits, nuts, and veggies.

The result of juicing is, on the one hand, the juice and on the other hand, the pulp. Depending on the juicer, a more or less dry component remains. But you also have pulp when you make nut milk. These are then the solid components that remain in the nut milk bag. The solid components of the nuts.
This pulp can be further processed. Many simply throw away these rests without wasting any thought about how to use this healthy pulp.

The fruit pulp can be used wonderfully. Especially in the shells and fruit ingredients are still many valuable vitamins. The better the juicing, the less flavor the pulp has, but the fiber and vitamins should not be wasted. Therefore do not throw it away!
You can use it to make awesome delicious fruit pulp crackers.

How To Make Awesome Delicious Fruit Pulp Crackers

Juice Pulp Crackers



I’ve been enjoying fresh juice lately…vegetable juice made from delicious organic veggies, smoothies made with berries and freshly juiced carrots, and fun fruit combinations that the kids come up with on the spur of the moment. I love knowing that we’re loading up on all those great nutrients, and it’s a lot of fun to plan out the next kind of juice we’re going to try!  What I don’t love? Throwing out the pulp after the juice has been made.

Chia Juice Pulp Crackers (raw, vegan, GF) and more

juice pulp cracker


Life changed forever when I discovered how to make juice pulp crackers at home.  I was ecstatic to find that there was a simple and easy way to avoid having any waste at all (even though I maintain that, if I couldn’t use the pulp, it would still be worth it to juice).

Raw Vegetable Juice Pulp Crackers – Leftovers Put To Good Use! (Recipe)


Avid juicer but hate wasting all of your pulp? There’s many ways to use your pulp. This one is a favorite of ours!



There’s nothing I hate more than wastefulness — especially in the food department.  Food is a major expense: especially if you go out of your way to buy organic and GMO-free. So, the last thing I want to do is throw the gorgeous, organic juice pulp out.

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