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Gazpacho The Cool Soup You Will Love On Hot Summer Days

What about Raw Vegan Gazpacho for hot summer days?

Raw Vegan Gazpacho: recipes and tips

The Andalusian-born Gazpacho is a cold soup traditionally made with vegetables. Especially in summer, Gazpacho is an ideal dish for hot days, because it is light and refreshing.
You can prepare Gazpacho in different ways. Here we show you the most beautiful raw vegan gazpacho recipes. By the way: even in a sweet form with fruit, the cold soup tastes great.

Preparation tips for Gazpacho

No matter which variant you choose for the cold soup – the preparation is always similar. The vegetables or fruits are first to cut into small pieces and then pureed in a suitable container, for example, a pot. It becomes particularly aromatic with onions or garlic, which are mashed directly with it. Then the Gazpacho is seasoned. Popular are vinegar and oil, salt, pepper and herbs, such as parsley or basil.

Traditional Gazpacho andalúz

This variant dates from pre-Roman times by the shepherds. In contrast to the normal Gazpacho, old white bread is first soaked. Then you mash it with the vegetables. Always use water, vinegar, oil, and garlic.

What fits Vegan Gazpacho?

Ciabatta, baguette, toast, or bread rolls fit Gazpacho. Homemade croutons taste extraordinarily delicious. Roast old slices of bread with oil in a pan and sprinkle over the soup as a topping. Serve Gazpacho like soup, in a deep dish or a bowl. A glass of white or rosé wine tastes particularly good with the refreshing soup.

How long can you keep Raw Vegan Gazpacho?

If you can not eat the soup and have leftover, that’s no problem. Because chilled you can keep the soup a few days in the refrigerator.

The Gazpacho, the refreshing cold soup, is very popular today on hot days.
There are many variants from hearty to sweet.
One of the more sweet varieties of Gazpacho is made from melons and strawberries and enjoys great popularity, especially in southern Spain. But there are also other variations with fruit possible.

Green Gazpacho

raw vegan Gazpacho

I had never even heard of green gazpacho before. And while I’ve made the chilled avocado soup a couple of times in the past, it had nothing on this soup. This green gazpacho is light and refreshing while being incredibly creamy, due to the avocado. It’s a really beautiful soup that I’ve quickly added to my all-time favorites.

Beet Gazpacho With Avocado Quenelle 

raw vegan gazpacho

This is a lovely new way to use beets, which are in season from fall until the spring. Raw beets have a surprisingly sweet, earthy taste that’s complemented by fresh cucumber and tangy tomato.


I love how easy this recipe is to make, no cooking and no chopping!!!  Just throw everything in a blender and puree until you have the tastiest carrot gazpacho. 

Mango Gazpacho

raw vegan gazpacho

Keeping with my tropical theme, here’s a recipe for mango gazpacho, or should I say MMMango gazpacho! It’s slightly adapted from I leave out the jalapeno pepper and reduce the onion and garlic because I find them to be too strong in the original recipe (and I love garlic and onion)!

Gazpacho – raw vegan Spanish tomato soup

raw vegan gazpacho

Having grown up in Spain since 1996, how could I not include a healthy gazpacho alternative?
For those who are unfamiliar with the name, gazpacho is one of the most popular Andalucian dishes, served as a starter, a tapa or main meal. It’s basically a refreshing cold tomato soup, perfect for hot summer days.


I do know a few things though. Gazpacho is always delicious. Strawberries are in season right now, whereas tomatoes are not. And as they say in Spain, De gazpacho no hay empacho. So break out your blender and let’s make gazpacho.

Chilled Artichoke Avocado Spring Pea Soup


Let’s talk about SPRING PEAS and a good CLEAN creamy avocado pea soup with artichoke hearts and fresh basil. Chilled Spring Pea Soup that leaves you feeling refreshed and nourished.

Strawberry Gazpacho

A refreshingly sweet and cooling strawberry gazpacho!

Watermelon Gazpacho

Refreshing and light watermelon gazpacho is a perfect vegan and raw summer soup. This easy recipe only takes 15 minutes to make!

Broccoli Gazpacho


My favourite way to use up- and consume- an insane amount of vegetables is making them into a soup. But in the summertime, soup isn’t normally at the top of my priority list. Unless it is gazpacho! Gazpacho is a soup made of raw vegetables and often served cold, making it wonderfully satisfying, nutrient-dense, and requires no extra heat to emit from your kitchen. Need another reason to make this recipe? Broccoli and tomatoes have great stress-managing benefits!



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