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How To Eat Raw Pumpkins That Are Delicious And Healthy

Can you eat raw pumpkins?

Here are a few suggestions on what you can do with raw pumpkins. It does not always have to be a bowl of pumpkin soup. You can prepare pumpkins in a variety of ways. Eat pumpkin raw.


Can you eat pumpkins raw?

First, a warning. Do not eat decorative pumpkins. Eat it, neither raw nor otherwise, because they are uncommonly bitter. Ornamental gourds contain cucurbitacin, a bitter poisonous substance that can cause nausea and stomach problems.

You can recognize decorative pumpkins very easily on the optics. They are smaller and usually have funny shapes. You do not have to worry about Hokkaido, Butternut, and all other popular pumpkin varieties from the market.

By the way, you can taste the bitter substance only in the raw state of the pumpkin. Cooking will change the taste, but this makes decorative squash not wholesome.

Are there recipes with raw pumpkins?

After the warning, we come to the delicious part of the raw pumpkin. There are a lot of raw food recipes with pumpkin, which you should try. The nutmeg pumpkin is trendy in the raw food kitchen because of its distinctive taste, but you can also prepare any other pumpkin raw.

Why should you eat pumpkin raw?

Raw pumpkin is healthy. Fresh food is much more nutrient and vitamin-rich than conventionally cooked food. Heat-sensitive vitamins, enzymes, and phytonutrients are retained and are happily absorbed and processed by our bodies.

From the ingredients, pumpkin contains plenty of beta-carotene and vitamin A, similar to the carrot. The red-orange color already indicates this. Pumpkin contains minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. That makes the pumpkin very alkaline. If you want to pay attention to your acid-base balance, you can also try pumpkin raw.

Here are the most popular recipes with raw pumpkin for you


The classic is raw pumpkin salad. For this, cut the flesh into very thin strips and marinate it with spices. Alternatively, you can finely grate the pumpkin, similar to the carrot salad, and add a delicious dressing.

Juice and Smoothie

Of course, you can also juice pumpkins. In any case, drinking fresh juice is one of the most digestible methods to intake plenty of healthy nutrients. Either sip your pumpkin juice pure or mix it with some homemade apple juice and fresh carrot juice.

Give raw pumpkin in the morning smoothie with some banana or pear. Soft pumpkin varieties tend to be better for smoothies than hard ones.

Bread and Hummus

If you own a dehydrator, you can prepare pumpkin bread. For this, make the raw pumpkin into mush. Mix it with kernels and nuts, apply thinly to a drying pad, and place it in the dehydrator.
A part of the pumpkin you could place directly on the pad and make a spread out of it. Spicy seasoned, this is a great raw food recipe. An example is raw pumpkin hummus; it works just like the original Hummus recipe but with raw squash instead of chickpeas.



In the autumnal season, you can also prepare raw pumpkin soup. Put the pumpkins with some avocado, carrot, and intense spices in the blender, and the soup is ready.

If you want to eat pumpkin raw, then you now have sufficient suggestions.

Now you know that raw pumpkins should not taste bitter. But you have several delicious suggestions for eating the right pumpkins raw. The raw food kitchen has become very delicious and high quality.  

Those who eat pumpkins raw absorb the maximum of vitamins, minerals, and other essential ingredients. It is nutritious and healthy, and delicious.

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