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Infographic: Cooking with Herbs

A guide to cooking with herbs

Cooking with Herbs can make your food more delicious. This days many do not know anymore how to use the right herbs. Adding herb can make your food more tasty and spicy .
Herbs make a big difference in salads as well,it tastes much better with the right herbs.Put more flavor and excitement in your meals with herbs
The meals not only taste better and look more beautiful ,the smell is mouthwatering as well.
Herbs are a helper for digestion and have a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Herbs can help you create delicious meals you’ll love to eat. But many people don’t know how to use them. Herbs also feed the health-promoting bacteria in your gut and nurture the optimal kinds of bacteria throughout your microbiome.

Plus, you can usually find them fresh or dried for affordable prices at the grocery store or farmers market. And now is a great time to plant herbs outside or start your own kitchen garden.


Here are five things to keep in mind about cooking with herbs:

  • If you’re buying fresh herbs, you should remove any wilted leaves and elastic or strings and trim the stems.
  • With fresh herbs, wait to wash them until right before using them or they will wilt.
  • To store soft-stemmed herbs like basil and cilantro, you should treat them like a bouquet of flowers and put them in a cup or jar filled with about 3/4 water. Keep basil at room temperature, but cover any other soft herbs with a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator. Then, change the water when it gets cloudy. They should keep for at least a week.
  • To store hard-stemmed herbs like rosemary and oregano, wrap them in a damp paper towel or kitchen towel and put them in plastic or an airtight container.
  • Dried herbs should be added toward the beginning of cooking to release their flavor, and fresh herbs should be added toward the end of cooking to maintain freshness.

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