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Smart People Will Enjoy These Luscious Vegan Dishes

Do you enjoy Luscious Vegan Dishes?

Smart people enjoy luscious vegan dishes also many of the celebrities. They know a plant-based diet keeps vital and glowing with health and they are getting more and more. A vegan diet is not only healthy it is also good for our environment.

Vegans are smart people thinking not only about health, aging and vitality, they also care for the future of our planet. More and more kids reject to eat meat, they love animals as a pet. The vegan movement already saves the life of a lot of farm animals. Many become vegan because of compassion with this animals. Vegans are creative as you can see if you look at the recipes below. Here are some luscious vegan dishes for smart vegans.

Try the recipes and enjoy.

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Vegan jackfruit pulled pork sandwiches

Luscious Vegan Dishes

Get creative for your next barbecue (that doesn’t even really need a grill) by seasoning the meat from the tropical jackfruit with spices like paprika, cumin and red pepper to imitate pulled pork. After cooking for about 20 minutes, just add in some barbecue sauce and vegan ranch sauce using soy milk and vegan mayonnaise. The recipe can be found here.

 Barbecued seitan ribs & BBQ sauce

Smart People Will  Enjoy These Luscious Vegan Dishes


It seems impossible for ribs to be vegan but seitan, which is a thick wheat protein, makes it a reality. Just season it up with onion powder, Chipotle powder and barbecue sauce, and like actual ribs, bake or grill. The recipe can be found here.

 Chickpea “tuna” salad sandwich

Smart People Will  Enjoy These Luscious Vegan Dishes


Vegan mayo, seaweed flakes and mashed chickpeas help imitate this lunch staple in a pinch. Find the recipe here.

Hearts of palm lobster rolls

Smart People Will Enjoy These Luscious Vegan Dishes

Chopped and sautéed hearts of palm are eerily similar to the consistency of lobster, and can be turned into the east coast summer staple with the help of some Old Bay seasoning, vegan mayonnaise and lemon wedges. Find the recipe here.

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Sweet potato masala fritters with citrus cashew cream



These spicy masala fritters are a throw back to last week (and most weeks, quite frankly) to the steaming potato-onion fritters I was served at the beginning of a majestic Indian feast. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and a sour/sweet sauce that did  a solid job of taming the green chilli flames erupting in my mouth.

Indian is my favourite food to make for non-herbivores because the punchy flavour and decadent preparation just screams #SorryNotSorry for its lack of meat or dairy.

Mumbai Vada Paav with home made Paav



One of my favorite street foods in Mumbai is the  ‘Vada Paav’ or the poor man’s burger which is made with potatoes and chick pea flour.  So much better than the store bought burger buns or dinner rolls. Nothing like having hot potato vadas stuffed inside freshly baked rolls! And with the 3 different chutneys – red chili garlic chutney, green coriander chutney and tamarind date chutney slathered generously on them – I was in heaven!

Carrot Sambol



So here I share the recipe of Carrot Sambal that I made ! I hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I did. 🙂 . Carrot Sambol (Sri Lankan Carrot salad)

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