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Colorful Like A Rainbow Incredible Raw Food Ideas

Raw food Ideas incredible and colorful

Here are some more colorful raw food ideas from the Australian food Blogger Anthea. She is creating her food as an artist. She loves rainbow food and likes to play with the colors of the natural fruit and vegetables truly incredible.

Here are 4 raw food ideas that are not only colorful but also delicious and tasty. A delight for the eyes and mouthwatering. In sushi with carrot rice, the carrots are processed in a food processor used instead of rice. Look at these Rainbow wraps raw veggies transformed in a rainbow.

The raw green curry sauce can be used as dip or dressing for salad and more. Finally the coconut mint slices with these beautiful colors. A delight for body and soul awesome raw food ideas. Visit Anthea’s blog and see her Facebook page with artistic colorful cake creations, she is truly an artist. Enjoy!

Colorful Like A Rainbow Raw Food Ideas


 Incredible Raw Food Ideas


Colour + me = happiness. So you can imagine how delighted I was when I realized I could make bright orange rice out of carrots! These will be my one-of-many snacks this week… unless I eat them all right now. READ MORE »



These rainbow wraps were so fun to eat! Every time I bit into one, I felt like a little part of my body was turning into a magical rainbow colour. This is a long shot, but the only other sensation I can equate this to is – you know when Asian cartoon characters see their crush, turn into a weird colour and their body morphs into an odd shape? Eating a rainbow wrap is just like this! The raw veggie paste transforms these wraps from ‘yay’ into ‘WOW’.READ MORE »


 Incredible Raw Food Ideas


Have you ever craved the delicate sweet and spicy flavours of Thai food but:
a) Wanted a cooler temperature dish OR
b) Missing some ingredients for a traditional Thai dish well, this recipe is just for you! You can use this curry sauce on top of salads, roast veges, stirfry s, toast, as a dip – anything you desire really! READ MORE



This slice is playful and refreshing. It is inspired by the festive season (which is Summer in Australia). The refreshing mint and tropical coconut flavours are a perfect match which, I feel, many people have forgotten about lately! The vibrant pink and green colours remind me of the energetic kids that I often play with… . READ MORE »

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