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Get Ready To Enjoy These Delicious Raw Plant Based Recipes

Delicious raw plant-based recipes you will enjoy

Here are some raw plant-based recipes which you can add to your recipe collection. If you are already vegan, then you may often eat raw fruits, vegetables, and salads. You may not find it difficult to just eat more of it instead of cooked food.

Maybe you eat only certain things raw. This option can be a way to befriend raw food and enjoy it, especially if your family members are not excited about your cooking of raw plant-based recipes. With this strategy, your fellow human beings will in most cases change their mind and may like to eat more raw food with you.

Try new raw plant-based recipes every day, maybe make some of the raw cakes and have fun with it. Here are some delicious raw plant-based recipes that everybody will love to try.

Get Ready To Enjoy These Delicious Raw Plant-Based Recipes

Curry with Marinated Mushrooms and Onions

Delicious Raw Plant Based Recipes

This Raw Curry with Marinated Mushrooms & Onions by Emily von Euw is simple but has a bold flavor. Onions, curry powder, and cashew milk make up the curry, and marinated mushrooms add some extra flavor and nutrition for this delicious raw dinner.

Raw Marinated Mushroom Soup


Lisa Viger’s Raw Marinated Vegan Mushroom Soup is packed with nutrients. This savory raw recipe uses tomatoes and avocado along with the mushrooms!

10-Minute Buddha Bowl With Creamy Cashew Sauce

Delicious Raw Plant Based Recipes
This 10-Minute Buddha Bowl is a perfect example of a fast yet healthy meal. This delicious veggie bowl you can serve with a creamy cashew sauce for the perfect touch.

Creamy and Raw Butternut Squash Soup with Marinated Mushrooms


Another Emily von Euw recipe, this Creamy and Raw Butternut Squash Soup with Marinated Mushrooms is another savory raw dish that’s simple to make. The soup combines butternut squash with miso and garlic for a creamy texture to complement the marinated mushrooms

Here some sweet raw plant-based recipes to enjoy

5-Ingredient Creamy Mango Pudding

Delicious Raw Plant Based Recipes

Looking for a sweet and creamy dessert that’s dairy-free and packed with nutrients? Give this raw 5-Ingredient Mango Pudding a go, and you won’t be disappointed.

Neapolitan Dream Cake

This Neopolitan Dream Cake has the vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate goodness expected of a Neapolitan dessert, but since it’s raw, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free, it’s healthier! The crust is a mix of dates, almonds, shred coconut which you then top with three cashew-based layers, and finally some fresh strawberries and raw chocolate. Wholesome decadence at its finest.

Raw Bounty Cake With Chocolate Ganache

Delicious Raw Plant Based Recipes


Chocolate and coconut — what a wonderful combination! This Raw Bounty Cake is for all fans of Bounty bars. The grain-free base you make from dates and nuts, the light and flakey filling you make from coconut and creamy coconut milk, and top it with a luscious layer of dark chocolate. Yum!

Raw Triple-Layer German Chocolate Cake


This rich German Chocolate Cake is perfect for a crowd! Plus it’s raw, grain-free, AND soy-free so everyone in the family can get a slice of this beautiful and decadent cake!

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