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How To Skin Your Watermelon Party – The Coolest Trick ! (Video)

This guy found an amazing trick to skin your Watermelons

If you look for an amazing way to skin your Watermelon and take it with you to a picnic this weekend ,watch this video . This guy is a genious and you can learn his trick here .

Watermelons are a great refreshment in summer. If only there were not always the annoying, laborious skinning. Somehow, you never get it to cut the melon so that it does not look completely shredded. Here is an ingenious trick, how you can skin the watermelon in the future quite easy.

Depending on size and consistency, there are various ways to cut a melon. In recent years, more and more types of melons have found their way into supermarkets. Do you know them all?

The most famous representative is the watermelon. It is most easily identified with its green-yellow skin and reddish flesh.

In addition to the watermelon, three varieties of sugar melons are widely used: The honeydew melons have already  been eaten by the ancient Egyptians. Today it is available year round. You will recognize this melon by the bright yellow shell and the elongated shape, reminiscent of a rugby ball. The Galia melon is one of the net melons with a net-like pattern on the shell. It tastes very sweet, but does not last long. The queen of melons is the Cantaloupe, which was first bred in the 15th century on the “Cantaloupo” estate of the popes. Their orange flesh is considered particularly aromatic. From the outside it is rather round and has a greenish shell with stripes

You can skin the melons in the future quite easy with the trick.

It does not only work for Watermelons it works for other melons as well and the skin is usable too . There are many ways to skin a watermelon and often we have difficulties with it.

How to do it the best way without making a big mess and convenient to eat? Watch here this guy it is insane . Enjoy you picnic this weekend learn how to skin your watermelon and impress your friends and family with it .

Happy Weekend 🙂

Skin Your Watermelon Party

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