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Italian Vegan Food Have A Southern Italian Vegan Feast

 Italian vegan food to enjoy and make it a feast

Italian vegan food, do you think? If we think of Italian food, Pizza and Pasta come to mind. But there is more, which we will see here in this recipe. Italian has its different regions, and all have their own specialties; here are some from the heal of the Italian boot, where the land is flat, and a lot of Olive trees and durum wheat used for Pasta is growing Mediterranean vegetables, and simple ingredients make beautiful, colorful, delicious, and very affordable dishes. Here are a few for you to try. Enjoy!



Italian Vegan Food Have A Southern Italian Vegan Feast

All of today’s recipes – the third of our four-part series on Italian feasting – are cheap, healthy, and vegan. Perhaps you think that doesn’t sound like much of a feast. As Homer Simpson observed: “You don’t win friends with salad.”

The very word “feast” summons up images of carnivorous excess: Obelix scronching his way through a heap of wild boar, whole oxen turning on Tudor spits, swans stuffed with songbirds and served to pomaded emperors.

Tagliatelle with chickpeas

Traditionally, hard pasta was made only with flour and water. For the sake of speed, we have used the ready-made fresh pasta that you can buy in the supermarket, which usually contains eggs. Find an egg-free version if you want the meal to be fully vegan.

Serves 6
250g dried chickpeas, soaked overnight
6 garlic cloves
½ leek
½ red onion
2 cherry tomatoes
1 small dried chili
1 sprig rosemary
400g fresh tagliatelle
150ml olive oil for frying
Salt and black pepper

1 Drain the chickpeas and place them in a pan. Cover with water and add the garlic, leek, onion, tomato (don’t chop), chilli, and rosemary. Bring up to the boil and simmer for about an hour until the chickpeas are tender. Make sure the chickpeas are always covered with water.

2 Remove the veg along with 100ml of liquor, discard the rosemary, and blitz together the veg with the liquor in a food processor. Return to the pan and stir through the chickpeas. Season well.


3 Divide the tagliatelle roughly into three. Break it into shorter strips –about 6cm long. Cook one-third in lots of boiling salted water. Add another third to the chickpeas and simmer until just cooked, adding more water if necessary. Fry the final third in hot olive oil until the pasta pieces are crisp. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen roll.

4 Combine the cooked pasta with the chickpeas, adding a little extra water so it isn’t dry. Season well and top with the fried, crisp pasta pieces before serving.

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Photograph: Jill Mead for the Guardian

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