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Popular Foods That Are Not Really As Healthy As You Think

Be careful and better avoid these unhealthy foods

These are unhealthy foods you better have a look at it and try to avoid it! Breakfast, for example,  granola with almond milk, in between you can snack vegetable chips or drink a fresh juice. All sound very healthy. But these foods are not as healthy as you may think.


Popular Foods That Are Not Really As Healthy As You Think

Avoid these unhealthy foods

Foods that are not as healthy as you think even if they are vegan

If you changed to a vegan lifestyle and want to stay healthy, you may do a daily workout, you pay particular attention to everything that comes to your plate. Agave syrup, almond milk, and fruit juices? This is of course already in your fridge! But these foods may not be exactly the healthiest.


The reasons packaged granola tastes so good are sugar and oil and it has so many calories. Granola could actually be seen as crumbled cookies. Those who can not do without buying it packaged should be careful to avoid brands that contain a lot of sugar and fat.

Popular Foods That Are Not Really As Healthy As You Think


Agave syrup

Low glucose content and also healthy: Agave is currently one of the popular sweeteners for anyone who wants to avoid sugar, but be beware! Although the glucose content is really very low, the fructose content is quite high! The body processes more sugar than we believe, this boosts appetite and can lead to weight gain.

Almond milk

Unfortunately, the favorite vegan alternative to cow’s milk is not good for everyone: Almond milk often contains remedies, such as carrageenan, which can irritate the intestines, and guar gum, which some people are allergic to. Better is to make your own almond milk and use only almonds and water!

Vegetable chips

Vegetable chips are yummy. They are as crispy and tasty as potato chips. It is too good to be true and unfortunately, it is. Most packaged vegetable chips are only a fraction of vegetables and it is even more likely that the taste comes from vegetable powder! That means vegetable crisps are no better in terms of nutrients than potato chips! Make them better at home instead of buying packaged ones. It’s easy and healthier.

Everything that is “fat-free”

Do not use fat-free foods, these are usually full of sugar, artificial flavorings, and sodium. Because fat is a flavor carrier and this is missing in light products. So you do your body worse, than good. So quickly remove the fat-free products from your shopping cart!

Fruit  juices

Freshly squeezed juices are currently very trendy, but even though juices contain many vitamins, they can have a lot of calories and especially sugar! If you buy them, you should take a closer look at the bottle. Some of the finished juices have up to 55 grams of sugar. The American Heart Association recommends a maximum of 25 grams a day! Better is make your own or drink a green juice.


Gluten-free snacks

Popular Foods That Are Not Really As Healthy As You Think

Even people who have no intolerance, buy more often gluten-free snacks. But experts say that only those who can not digest gluten really benefit from the special foods. It often contains ingredients that can drive up your blood sugar.

Frozen meals with few calories

Frozen food with low calories is not really healthy. Usually, it contains a lot of sodium. In combination with too little liquid, it may give you a bloated belly.

Low-calorie snack packs

Although it is a good idea to portion snacks, snack packs that have fewer calories, despite the few calories, usually contain unhealthy food ingredients with little or no good nutrients. Better to avoid these unhealthy snacks. Eat fruits or nuts instead.

Stay healthy by avoiding foods that are not as nutritious as promised.

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