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Like To Try A Vegan Ayurvedic Thanksgiving Menu ?

Recipe From Deepak Chopra Center For Vegan Ayurvedic Thanksgiving

Here is a Vegan Ayurvedic Vegan Thanksgiving menu that can replace the traditional turkey that usually is on the table on Thanksgiving. This is something special created by Chef Johnny Brannigan, an international Ayurvedic vegetarian and vegan chef. He has a deep knowledge base in Vedic wisdom and holistic medicine and a lifelong love of food and cooking.

His Vegan Ayurvedic menu gives a twist to the traditional Thanksgiving side dishes, which everybody will enjoy.  The extraordinary Vegan Ayurvedic Thanksgiving menu will surprise even the meat-eater.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Like To Try A Vegan Ayurvedic Thanksgiving Menu?

The Vedic Chef: Vegan Ayurvedic Menu

by Chef Johnny Brannigan

Thanksgiving dinner can be stacked with challenges for vegans and vegetarians. Turkey is obviously off the menu. Many side dishes include animal- or dairy-based ingredients.

Although you might be tempted to succumb to family pressure or politeness to have a slice of bird or just a few bites of heavy-cream-laden mashed potatoes, it’s not worth it if you’re going to feel bad physically or emotionally afterward.

Instead, stick to your diet with this menu,

Nut Loaf and Sweet Potato Tower with Tarragon Gravy

Vata, Pitta, Occasionally Kapha

Nut tower, this nut loaf is an enticing main course ideal for festive occasions. It’s rich-tasting and has an eye-catching presentation, and the crunchy texture offers a nice contrast to the smooth sweet potato. The often-overlooked herb tarragon brings an unexpected flavor to the gravy.

Vegan Ayurvedic Thanksgiving Menue

Top each tower with tarragon gravy (recipe below).


Tarragon Gravy Sauce

Vata, Kapha

A delicious vegetable-based gravy with rich flavor that will complement a wide variety of pies, nut loaves, or tofu dishes.

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