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Make Your Own Wraps – Flax Bread Wrap Recipes

Make your own flax bread wraps.

Flax bread wraps are not only delicious, but they are also quick and easy to make yourself. It doesn’t matter whether old or young; everybody enjoys the delicious rolls of dough: wraps are light and delicious and a real highlight in light summer cooking. And the best thing is: Making the wrap dough yourself is super easy. With our wrap dough recipe and creative wrap filling, you can create exciting variations that add variety to the menu. And so you are guaranteed not to get bored while enjoying the wraps, here are different recipes and wrap fillings ready for you.


Flaxseed wraps are bland in flavor, especially if you are using golden flaxseed – brown flaxseed is slightly bitter. Your filling will make all the difference.

Spicy Thai Flaxseed Wraps

Have you ever tried flaxseed wraps? If not, you are missing something! It’s not only delicious, it’s also healthy and requires just ground flaxseeds and water!

2 Ingredient Flaxseed Tortillas | Vegan, Gluten-Free

Healthy and vegan 2 Ingredient Flaxseed Tortillas that will blow your mind! They are very tasty and super easy to prepare. Gluten-free, oil-free!

A soft vegan flax bread wrap recipe

This vegan flax bread wrap recipe is gluten-free. You can fill this wrap with whatever you desire. It is made with flax and contains no grain. Good for everybody who needs to eat gluten-free. See how to prepare and what you can fill in the wrap.

Check out this video.

Vegan Flax Bread Wrap Recipe

In this video, I show you step by step how I make these soft flat grain-free bread that you can fill with anything you desire! Yummy! I made these twice last week; they are so good. 🙂 It Can be eaten raw too!

Can I use a different starch?
Yes. Any dry flour will work (almond flour, einkorn, corn starch, arrowroot…anything.) If you don’t want a starch, roll between wax or parchment paper)

Can I make a lot & store them?
They will keep in the fridge for about three days if layered with wax paper and sealed in an airtight container, but the texture gets a bit rubbery; if they get damp at all, they get slippery and not nice, so I prefer to just make them fresh. The dough will keep in the fridge in an airtight container for about five days or in the freezer for three months. You can make a larger batch of dough and roll and fry them when needed to cut some time.

1 1/2 Cups ground organic golden flax seed
Dry substance for rolling ( organic kudzu starch, coconut flour, arrowroot powder, etc…)
1 Tbs organic oil
1/2 tsp organic cumin (optional)
Filtered water

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