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Vegan Ironman John Joseph – Meat Is For Pussies !

 Vegan Ironman -What does he mean with Meat is for Pussies?

Vegan Ironman John Joseph is working to be the sixth time Ironman. He did write the book “Meat is for Pussies
He tells his story of his addiction to Ironman and gives credit for his success in the vegan lifestyle, meditation, and yoga.

Many people still think that one can not be strong, vital, and healthy by eating vegan. People like Vegan Ironman  John Joseph prove them wrong. We need to change this thinking. Are not the biggest and strongest animals, like Elephants, plant eaters? What makes people think it is impossible to be an Athlete by eating vegan? What makes people think we need meat to survive? So many examples show us this is not the truth; John Joseph is one of them.

If we look at all the horror stories about factory farms and animal cruelty, would it not be time to change our mind?
Get the book of the vegan Ironman and read his whole story and what he means with ” Meat is for Pussies”



Vegan Ironman John Joseph – Meat Is For Pussies!


There are approximately 1 million vegans in America.  Forty-two percent report that they transitioned to the vegan diet after watching an educational film or documentary.  Forty-five percent reported that they made a gradual transition to the vegan lifestyle. (1)  Seventy-nine percent of vegans are women.  Some even go so far as to state that a vegan diet is a woman’s lifestyle. (2)

Is the vegan diet a women’s lifestyle?  Vegan, Ironman, John Joseph would disagree!

Punk singer and athlete John Joseph would adamantly disagree.  As a teenager, Joseph was a homeless drug addict and alcoholic.  He was no stranger to jails or violence.  Thirty-five years later, Joseph is a vegan athlete with five Ironman triathlons under his belt.  He recently wrote and published a book, Meat Is For Pussies, and credits his meat-free diet to his transformation. (3)

In his book, he discusses the strength and endurance that many people attach to a carnivorous diet.  He reflects on his past and reports that if someone would have told him in the 1980s that he would be on a plant-based diet at age 53 and completing Ironman triathlons, he would have laughed in their face. (3)

Joseph shares his rough background and credits the vegan diet for changing his life around!

Joseph’s background is not one of love and nurture.  He came from a violent, alcoholic home and was placed in orphanages and abusive foster homes.  At 14, he was homeless on the streets and got shot and stabbed.  As a juvenile, he completed two years in the worst juvenile prisons. (3)

When speaking of his transformation, Joseph shares that when his food changed, everything else followed.

Read the full story here>Vegan; Ironman John Joseph shares his rough background.

Get his book   Meat is For Pussies