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What Are Vegan Aphrodisiacs Where Can You Get Them?

Vegan Foods which work as Aphrodisiacs 

Meat is proven to clog the arteries not only of the heart. Natural healthy food is full of nutrients and vitamins, they boost our immune system and bring more libido and stamina and work as vegan Aphrodisiacs. PETA, People for the ethical treatment of animals released this interesting article.

It is about vegetables which are good for our health but also makes vegan better lovers. Most meat-eater and fast food eater are overweight and not very mobile. Some people also have food intolerances to dairy or gluten, this does not make very happy 🙂

Our diet also influences our sex life. When asked about sexual satisfaction, nearly three-quarters of the vegans surveyed responded positively.

Fruits and veggies effectively increase serotonin levels, which is a happy-making chemical. Read below which natural foods work as vegan Aphrodisiacs.

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What Are Vegan Aphrodisiacs Where Can You Get Them?

Try serving your lover these scrumptious vegan aphrodisiacs to help put both of you in the mood:


Asparagus is high in vitamin E, which increases blood and oxygen flow to the genitals, and potassium, which is important for healthy sex hormone production, making this veggie a well-known aphrodisiac. To get the best effect, eat this delicious and healthy vegetable at least three days in a row.


A fruit with a sexy shape, the banana is said to contain chemicals that can lift your mood and make you more confident. Bananas are also famously high in potassium, a nutrient that aids in sex-hormone production and boosts energy.


Stephen Depolo Naughty Sexy Mommy Grilling Photoshoot | CC 2.0

The perfect foods to feed your lover, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are high in vitamin C, which is important for the production of sex hormones and neurotransmitters.


Carrots are bursting with vitamin A, a nutrient needed for producing sex hormones. For guys, vitamin A is vital for sperm production.

Chili Peppers

These sizzling veggies will spice up your meal and your evening! Adding chili peppers to your dishes gets your heart pumping and produces neurochemicals known as endorphins, which make you happier.


Chocolate Lips

Nothing shows your love—or your compassion—better than a box of vegan chocolates for your sweetheart. Chocolate contains the chemical phenylethylamine, which is believed to stimulate romantic feelings by making you happy and excited. Its natural caffeine provides an added boost by giving you more energy.



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