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Who Else Wants Something For The Soul? Soup Recipes

2 Vegan Soup Recipes for the Soul

This 2 vegan soup recipes are right for this time of the year. When the weather gets colder, sometimes we in need of something warming and filling something for the soul.

It is something the whole family will love, especially the kids. Served with tasty and delicious garlic bread it is a special treat for all. the cauliflower leek soup with warming spices will make the stomach and soul satisfied.

Enjoy this 2 warming and delicious vegan soups recipes a delight for the soul 🙂

Who Else Wants Something For The Soul? Soup Recipes

Soup For The Soul – Stew For The Heart

Vegan Soup Recipes

This creation was a revelation in the art of wholesome pick me ups, warm me all, fill me up combinations – a soup and stew marriage, that embraces and pampers the senses.  Because it was almost impossible to define as either one or the other, it is one of those ‘twin recipes’ – but who cares about that ?  Taste and texture are always my No.1 priority, together with colour, passion – and a sense of that something else that will just lift you up.  It’s a kid’s friendly soup; my 6 year old just gobbled it up and demanded that I make it again.  I can see why.  Probably one of the best soup/stew treats for this winter.  No need for a second course, you’ll be having this for seconds.  Serve with crunchy garlic bread for full effect ! Recipe her

Hearty Cauliflower, Leek, Garlic & Nutmeg Soup

Vegan Soup Recipes

I just feel we all need to stock up on the vitamins this time of year in particular.  Buy as white a cauliflower as you can find, dig out the nutmeg from your pantry, and if you can get your hands on some fresh root garlic, buy it – if not use the normal bulb type. This soup is thick and creamy, and accompanied by crunchy garlic bread, makes a meal in itself.  Make the extra if you can, so you don’t have to cook tomorrow.  By the way, in case I didn’t say so, it’s simply delicious and extra easy to make.  Hearty Cauliflower, Leek, Garlic & Nutmeg Soup

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