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How Can You Avoid GMO – Shop Smart ? Thrive Market Review

 How can you avoid GMO – shop smart?

Avoid GMO – shop smart? It is hard to think about another innovation or technology that has created as much verbal confrontation or worry as that of genetic engineering (GE) with food. Should licenses on plants, animals, and humans, and in addition licenses on their genes be permitted? Our capacity to adjust the hereditary outline of animals and plants is changing numerous parts of science and medication. Numerous individuals consider this to be advantageous others consider this to be messing around with nature.

In any case, shouldn’t something be said about hereditarily altered (GM) nourishment? Would we like to eat such food?

How Can A Vegan Avoid GMO - Shop Smart ?
Many Countries have GMO labeling laws

Avoid GMO – Shop Smart

Genetic engineering is here – directly or indirectly – already in almost all foods. Everywhere the majority of food comes in touch with the way of their production or processing with genetic engineering. Five tips show you what you can look for when shopping to avoid genetic engineering.

Avoid GMO – Shop smart

In Shopping is profit

Did you know that in the US genetically modified ingredients are already included in two-thirds of processed foods?

Did you know that most farm animals nowadays are fed with genetically modified food, milk, meat, and eggs but are not appropriate labels?

If you do not like all this, there are five things that you can take care of to avoid GMO foods.

Avoid GMO – Shop smart

1. Buy certified organic foods

Buy foods that are marked with a seal for organic foods. Better yet, buy food from a farming association or the Thrive Market. Food can only get the organic seal if it has been certified and is made from 100 percent organically produced ingredients.

As “organic” simultaneously “GMO-free” means organic products may(still) be free of genetic engineering to nearly 100 percent.

2. Buy local products

Buying in the region grown and produced foods – most directly from an organic farmer or farm of a local family, who will provide answers to any questions about their products and the possible use of genetic engineering.

You also are helping to promote organic farming and genetic engineering freedom in your region in this way.

At the same time, you are ensuring a personal approach to a healthy environment directly at your doorstep.

Of course with regional shopping support you and your neighbors give a boost to the local economy a bit as well.

Avoid GMO -shop smart
Many Countries have GMO label

3. Not in all Counties you can look for products labeled “GMO” 

In Europe and some other countries are “GMO” labels that mark products that contain no genetically modified ingredients, even in trace amounts. If this logo adorns dairy or meat products, you know also that the animals were not given food, which consisted of genetically modified plants

All food items at Thrive Market are GMO – free.

4. Avoid products containing risky ingredients

If you cannot buy organic food but or the desired products are just not available in organic quality, pay attention to the ingredient list. If there are in a conventional product such things as corn, soybeans or rapeseed, or products from these raw materials ( Corn syrup, soybean meal, rapeseed oil), then there is some risk that this is  GMO maize, GM soya Gen-rape.)

These crops are now mostly grown in genetically modified form and even partly also imported into the EU. While most genetically modified crops of this kind are mixed into animal feed, but also can be discovered in food.

5. Buy your guaranteed organic and GMO-free products at Thrive Market

So if you want to be 100% sure about GMO-free products and want organic food at your doorstep just buy it online at the  Thrive Market.

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How Can You Avoid GMO – Shop Smart?

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How Can You Avoid GMO - Shop Smart ?


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