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How to Cleanse your Colon – Total Wellness Cleanse

What causes Constipation? –   How can you cleanse your Colon?

Constipation is a big problem for many people. Usually, the cause is of not eating good food and not listening to the Body. Most of the meals today are processed food with a lot of refined sugar, salt, and white flour and not enough fiber. Coffee, alcohol, and drinks with a lot of sugar. All this stresses and irritates the digestive system and the colon,

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For better health, you should provide your body with nutrition and fiber and cleanse your colon.
And it has to do with our lifestyle, work schedule, sitting in the classroom or traveling, people suppress the urge to go to the bathroom. The bowel movement has to wait until we make time for it, this is not natural. As kids, we usually did not ignore our body and we had a special time for the toilet. We need to listen to the body and we should allow it to have its natural rhythm. It is our own fault if we are constipated and it is important to cleanse your colon.

What is the danger and how to cleanse your colon naturally?

There would be a lot to say and discuss, but here it is in short and easy to understand.
Imagine a pile of food rests in a garbage bag, after a while, it starts to rot and gets toxic and smelly. The same happens in our body, if our colon is clogged with waste, our body gets intoxicated. Where there should be good nutrition for our body are toxins. This is called autointoxication and this is going to be stored in our fat cells, brain, and tissues  and over time, we are getting degenerative diseases because of this you should cleanse your colon

What is the most important?

Listen to your body and go to the washroom when your body needs it.
Start eating whole food with fiber and nutrition, lots of organic greens, fruit, and vegetables.
Drink lots of tea and water and eat fatty acids, like flaxseeds and nuts and lubricate your colon.
Regular exercise is important even if it is only a 20-minute walk every day.
To cleanse your colon and your body is essential for your health specially if you are constipated. Removing and cleansing all this waste and toxins out of your body will make you feel better and prevents future Health problems. You don’t have to be constipated and suffering.

Cleanse your Colon!

Best would be to do a total body cleanse, there is the 30- day food-based cleansing program that helped thousands of people to cleanse their Body from toxic waste and it will help you to cleanse your colon and restore your health.
Yuri Elkaim a renowned fitness, nutrition, and weight loss expert, is a registered holistic nutritionist and co-creator of the  Total Wellness Cleanse will help and show you how to this safely.
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