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How To Grow Vegetables and Herbs From Scraps At Home

Grow Vegetables and Herbs From Scrap

You can grow some of the vegetables and herbs from scraps that we usually throw away. Did you know this? It is very easy, and you can have them fresh at home. Organic locally grown vegetables and herbs can be expensive or are sometimes not easy to find.

What a good idea to regrow them from scraps. Just don’t throw it away! Fresh green can grow again from the vegetable waste of carrots, fennel, and co. See how easily this food trend works. Regrowing is plant utilization. It’s about following the zero-waste idea, not throwing leftover vegetables in the garbage but letting them sprout again. The green that grows back can then be used again.

To recycle leftover veggies at home, you need fresh root vegetable scraps from cooking. For carrots, use the top part with the leaf base. The green thrives best in a bright spot by the window, without direct sunlight. Disused glasses and bowls are ideal for this.

This is how it works step by step.
Trim the ends of the vegetables a little more generously than usual.
Place the stem in a container with the roots upright. Leeks do best in jars, carrots in shallow casserole dishes, and other vegetables in small bowls.
Fill the containers with enough water to submerge the roots, but the top of the vegetables are still sticking out.
Let the vegetables grow for a maximum of two weeks; then, you can harvest the young greens.

There are many vegetables you can regrow if they have some roots left; pay attention to this if you buy your herbs and vegetables, and you can make them grow again.

Grow Vegetables and Herbs from Scrap


For carrots to grow again, you should use bunched carrots with crispy greens. Then cut about 1 cm from the top of the carrot and leave the green part except for a 1-2 cm long edge. Use: The freshly harvested carrot green tastes chopped as a topping for vegetable soups, salads, or smoothies.


For fennel cultivation, a stalk about 3 cm long is enough to pull fresh, aromatic greens out.


To grow this healthy snack at home, cut off the base of the celery and leave it in a bowl with a little bit of warm water. Keep the bowl in direct sunlight, and in a week, your celery base will start to grow leaves. Transplant the celery in soil and watch it grow!

Romaine Lettuce

Similar to celery, keep the base of your romaine lettuce in a bowl with ½ inch of warm water. Leave it to sit in direct sunlight, and in a week or two, your lettuce stem will produce fresh, new lettuce leaves for all your great salads. Transplant your lettuce to the soil to continue growing. They should be full-grown in three to four weeks. This process works for Bok Choy as well.

Garlic Sprouts

Are those tentacles?! Nope, those long green things growing out of your garlic are green shoots. You can put them in a little water, under a lot of sunlight, and grow a bunch of garlic sprouts. They are milder in taste than garlic cloves and are great in salads, pasta, and garnish.


Leeks are a real early starter and grow by about two centimeters after just one day.

Leek tastes particularly good in wok dishes, casseroles, and soups.


To grow onion greens, place the onion with the roots in a glass of water and a sunny spot.

Use the tender onion, cut it into fine rings, and make a salad or sandwich.

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