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Try This Raw Ice Cream It Is A Dream (video)

A creamy raw ice cream

Like raw ice cream ? Here is a creamy and heavenly ice cream for you.No matter if it is hot summer weather or not, many vegan and raw food people crave ice cream .
Here is an easy  and fast to prepare  recipe with only 4 ingredients. Do you like berries ? It is super easy and quick to prepare, especially if you use a Vitamix  it is like magic and it will be creamy and smooth.
Prepare it and enjoy it .

Raw vegan ice cream recipe by FullyRaw! Are you ready to try some dreamy deliciousness?!

Low fat raw vegan ice cream is one of the easiest and most delicious recipes to make at home for family and friends! It’s sweet, cold, satisfying, and refreshing on a hot day. It’s easy and affordable, and it’s even great for athletes/ anyone trying to get more energy on a FullyRaw lifestyle. Four ingredients are all you need to have the perfect treat! Are you ready to taste this delectable delight?!

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