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Raw Vegan Cake Mandalas Amazing And Artful

Raw vegan cake decorated with hypnotizing  Mandalas

The raw vegan cake mandalas really look amazing, beautiful, and colorful. It is an art to make them.

It is a real art to prepare them.

Mandalas are used in Buddhist and Hindu rituals.

The word Mandala comes from the classic Indian Sanskrit and means circle. It is a spiritual symbol that presents the universe. All mandalas are beautiful and colorful.

Stephen MacCarty creates these gorgeous-looking cakes. The cakes are good for vegan and raw foodists.

Look at these amazing “Sukhavati” creations.

Hypnotizing Mandala Cakes

Stephen McCarty, a vegan-raw chef from LA, makes elaborately beautiful cakes using only raw, vegan ingredients. For McCarty, who creates under the name Sukhavati Raw Desserts (Sukhavati means “Happy” in Hindi), his Mandala cakes are just another example of life’s impermanence. You need to enjoy what you can while you can.

Mandalas are spiritual and ritual symbols in Hinduism and Buddhism, where they represent the universe. Sand Mandalas, popular in Tibetan Buddhist traditions, can take several weeks to build and only moments to sweep away.

In a way, McCarty’s mandala cakes also follow this creative-destructive ritual.


raw vegan cake

raw vegan cake


raw vegan cake




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