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Boost Your Immune System With Raw Vegan Recipes In A Tasty Way

Raw Vegan Recipes To Boost Your Immune System

Prepare and enjoy these Raw Vegan Recipes to boost your immune system. A healthy lifestyle needs natural food made of fruits and vegetables of the season. To stay healthy, we need to boost our immune system daily and add as much as possible raw greens, vegetables, and fruit to our diet. Is it not awesome that we have a lot of kitchen equipment that makes life easier than our parents had? It is possible to prepare a healthy meal fast and easily.

Raw vegan is the optimal diet, especially if you have a long working day and want to be fit and healthy. With raw vegan delicious nutritional food, you can manage this easily. In addition, you do not need to spend much time on the stove. Also, shopping is faster and cheaper. Even if you do not give up 100% on cooked food, make sure to eat at least 80% of fresh ingredients, mainly raw fruits and vegetables.

Good that raw food is never boring! No matter if you want it fast and easy or if you plan a multi-course gourmet menu for special occasions. See below that there is plenty of variety! Boost your immune system and stay vital and healthy!

Easy Raw Cranberry-Apple Relish

Easy Raw Cranberry-Apple Relish Antioxidant and nutrient-dense cranberries have so much going for them. Why not enjoy these tart treats raw? This delicious relish can be made in minutes and can be enjoyed on special occasions (like Thanksgiving and Christmas, when cranberry sauce is a staple) or for everyday meals.


Are you ready for wholesome delicious recipes that everyone can enjoy? I will be posting a lot of Thanksgiving recipes with my new stricter restrictions, so pass on the word to anyone who is facing cooking and/or dietary challenges this upcoming holiday. Recipes here

Raw broccoli balls


Today, I have for you an easy, clean eating, raw food recipe for Raw Broccoli Balls is so easy to make and it’s also a great way to let your little ones help – especially making the balls!



You can never go wrong with beetroot. These balls turned out so perfect, incredibly tasty and nutritionally beneficial. You only need 5 simple ingredients ( shredded coconut, buckwheat, dates, beetroot and fresh vanilla) to make these cuties, so basically as good for you as it looks. Recipe here

The Best Vegan Foie Gras


Thankfully, this “foie gras” is completely vegan, made from plant-based ingredients. The base for this recipe are cashews

Raw Cinnamon Buns


Like a lot of my recipes, the motivation behind this was mainly nostalgia.  Everyone has certain foods that they get nostalgic about, and one of the biggest ones for me is cinnamon buns.  My recipe was inspired by my grandma’s, who makes probably the best cinnamon buns ever.



This gorgeous Raw Beetroot Cake tastes as amazing as it looks, it’s earthy, rich, wholesome and utterly delicious. This is a cake for all of you who can eat beetroot in any shape and form and loving it!


If you think these look good, they taste even better than they look. If you think they look weird, they still taste better than they look… (in this case, much better?) I ate them all by myself because I’m a wild, greedy animal like that. You should know this by now. Recipe here

Raw Chopped Salad with Orange Dijon Dressing


This is the perfect healthy salad. I know what you are thinking—aren’t all salads healthy? No, actually, most of the salads and salad dressings that we eat are not even close to being good for us. Think about it—we load them up with bacon, cheese, croutons, and candied nuts. Not to mention the salad dressing.

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