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The Truth About Raw Food Diet and Diabetes – Does it Help?

Is a raw food diet good to treat diabetes?

Raw food diet and Diabetes? Diabetes is a widespread disease. The modern lifestyle, such as incorrect nutrition, mental stress, lack of exercise, and obesity. Diabetes is affecting millions of people. Diabetes can be treated and prevented by the right diet. Raw food is such a diet. Cooked and processed food has fewer beneficial enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients and is not easy to digest. Raw food has all these benefits.

Let us now turn to the “supreme discipline” of nutritional therapy for diabetics. For many diabetics, raw food is ideal – especially in the form of green smoothies. For this purpose, fruit and green leafy vegetables are mashed together with water in a high-performance blender. The advantage is that all raw fruits and vegetables are brimming with enzymes. Green leafy vegetables such as Swiss chard, spinach, or celery also contain high-quality protein and chlorophyll, which is important, among other things, for the formation of blood.

The green smoothies digest themselves to a certain extent and hardly require the body’s own enzymes or insulin. This relieves the pancreas and absorbs more minerals and trace elements. In addition, Green Smoothies provide the body with important metabolic enzymes that also help with repair processes. These smoothies can serve as a substitute for one or two meals or as an enzyme donor before each meal.

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The Truth About Raw Food Diet And Diabetes

There’s no one “right” diet when it comes to diabetes, but raw food has recently come into focus as a way to improve metabolic health, increase energy and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Before making any major dietary changes, it’s important to talk to your physician. A 100-percent raw food diet may not be right for you; however, many people can still benefit from eating raw foods for the majority of their meals.

Why Raw?

The raw food diet is heavily based on raw vegetables, fruits, and legumes. Less strict raw diets may also include some cooked foods or foods cooked at low temperatures.

Traditionally, raw food diets don’t include any foods that are cooked above about 115 degrees Fahrenheit. They also don’t include any processed or packaged foods (unless these foods are raw).

Why Is It Beneficial?

The theory behind the raw food diet is that cooking destroys the valuable nutrients and enzymes that are available in fresh foods.

Research has yet to conclude that raw eating is beneficial for diabetics, but many health professionals claim that it can reverse aging, prevent heart disease, cure cancer – and help treat diabetes.

The beneficial effects may be largely due to a reduced overall intake of processed carbohydrates, packaged foods with additives and chemicals, or foods that require a lot of energy to digest (“problem” foods like dairy, gluten, or meat).

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