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12 Temptingly Tasty Vegan Recipes You Need To Try

Temptingly Tasty Vegan Recipes + videos

These tasty vegan recipes are truly a temptation. The pictures alone are mouth-watering. See the Sweet Potato Fritter with the beautiful colors. The Eggplant Burger and Dijon Black Pepper Burger will find lovers in your family.

And we have two videos for you with the Best Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe ever and a Vegan Tofu Stir-fry, both recipes are easy to prepare. You do not even need a mixer for the Carrot Cake. There is a Pumpkin Risotto and Apple Cinnamon Scones fitting to the season. Even a raw Pumpkin Pie with Walnuts which is a delight, everybody will love it and you do not even need an oven.

These Caramelized Plantains with Coconut Whipped Cream will seduce any sweet-tooth. Make all these tasty vegan recipes with healthy organic ingredients to have all the benefits and get the fresh ingredients at your local farmers market to support the organic farmers. Enjoy these temptingly tasty vegan recipes. Have fun!

12 Temptingly Tasty Vegan Recipes You Need To Try


12 Temptingly Tasty Vegan Recipes You Need To Try

For a couple of weeks, I’ve had this ginger teriyaki concoction tempting me and while there are thousands of recipes for homemade teriyaki sauce (basically just soy sauce, honey and cornflour), this one, with its zippy ginger flavour, is pretty spectacular. Feel free to use your own favourite teriyaki sauce, whether homemade or not, or even, swap it for a basic soy sauce stir-fry which will be different, but just as delicious.Ok, now tofu! Recipe here 


12 Temptingly Tasty Vegan Recipes You Need To Try

I thought about serving these falafels in a pita, and then I thought about serving them with a salad. I ultimately decided to take apart the pita sandwich and adjust the proportions. More lettuce and veggies, less pita. I also put a Greek spin on my latest obsession, creamy tahini dressing. By adding dill and parsley and blending it all together in my food processor. Recipe here


12 Temptingly Tasty Vegan Recipes You Need To Try

These muffins are soft, moist, tender. Filled with bananas, strawberries and coconut. Made with wholewheat flour, coconut sugar, and a bit of olive oil. Dairy-free, eggless, healthy fabulousness. Recipe here


12 Temptingly Tasty Vegan Recipes You Need To Try

It really amazes me that so many incredible cooks out there experiment with vegan, gluten-free, completely plant-based meals every day.You guys. This is amazing. Really. The fewest, most unique ingredients I’ve ever worked with created a dish so delicious and so beautiful. I don’t know why I bother with cheesecake. Recipe here

Smashed Sweet Potato Fritters, Pistachio-Pumpkin Seed Crusted

12 Temptingly Tasty Vegan Recipes You Need To Try

These toasty bites warm from the sizzling skillet, with a crumbly pumpkin seed-pistachio crust, drizzled with maple tahini or chipote mayo on top will make you swoon.  Perfect as a fall party appetizer, or to get your cozy on!  And they’re gluten-free.

 No-Bake Vegan Walnut Pumpkin Pie

12 Temptingly Tasty Vegan Recipes You Need To Try
This rustic, walnut-infused, silky-sweet, cozy-delicious, autumny no-bake pumpkin pie is perfect as an afternoon treat with some coffee or tea.  Brown sugar and pumpkin spice twinkles atop a raw walnut rolled-oat crust in this decadent no-bake dish.

More of these fall recipes here 

Vegan Dijon Black Pepper Burgers

12 Temptingly Tasty Vegan Recipes You Need To Try

by Crazy Vegan Kitchen

This beautiful burger is made with red lentils, carrot and garbanzo beans with an enchanting blend of coriander, cayenne, onion powder, cumin, minced garlic, paprika and finely chopped thai basil.  It is topped with home-made spicy black pepper sauce and dijon mayonnaise.  As a vegan foodie, I think I just shed a tear.

Baked Eggplant Burger with Hummus

12 Temptingly Tasty Vegan Recipes You Need To Try

A golden masterpiece of The Tolerant Vegan, this hearty, comforting eggplant burger is made with pine nuts, garlicky goodness and topped with home-made hummus.  Mmmm.

Apple Cinnamon Scones [vegan]Vegan Apple Cinnamon Scones!

Crisp Apple Scones with No added refined Oil and No Coconut milk! Lower fat delicious Apple Pie Scones. Vegan Soy-free Oil-free Recipe. Can be nut-free. Jump to Recipe

Pumpkin Risotto [vegan]


I’ve got another delicious pumpkin recipe this week. I still had half a pumpkin leftover from last week and hadn’t quite got round to using it up, but I don’t think you can ever get too much pumpkin at this time of year!

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 Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe

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