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(Video)What You Need To Eat In A Day If You Are On Raw Food

What to eat in a day if you are on raw food

Raw Food and what you need in a day to eat to be satisfied. Right now is a time with an abundance of fruit and vegetables. All fresh and full of vitamins and nutrients . Time to enjoy the full spectrum of virtuous natural food.

Many people ask if it is possible to stay healthy and fit with a raw food diet. It is possible and if we see into the nature world and the animal kingdom we see the strongest animals are all on raw uncooked plant-based food. Many of the Athlets are on plant based food.There is also a alternative to the fully raw diet.

It is the “Raw Till 4” diet. This is a combination of raw and cooked food. Until four raw, later it is allowed to eat cooked food. During the day eat raw ,like fruits and smoothies and in the evening vegan. This is the raw till 4 lifestyle and maybe suitable for some people.See the video to get Ideas and find out what is good for your health from the begin to the end of the day.

All the raw food is prepared fresh, whole,  living and plant-based. Fruits, vegetables,  greens, herbs, nuts, and seeds, are in a natural state raw and uncooked. Eating a raw food diet needs  a larger volume of food to be satisfied because fruit and vegetables are low in calories.

The diet needs to be balanced to have all the calories ,vitamins and minerals the body needs.Watch the video below and see the quantity and how much raw food you can eat in a day.

What You Need To Eat In A Day If You Are On Raw Food

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