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Do You Know The Health Benefits Of Spicy Foods?

The reason why you should eat spicy food

In many countries spicy food is common, but not everybody likes it. We are not very good at using herbs and spices in our food. Most of us only know salt and pepper. Spicy and hot food can make us feel uncomfortable if we are not used to it and do not know how to eat it. It needs some practice to find the right measure for hot spices.

Peppers and chili can be very hot, but they have a lot of benefits for our health and we should look at them. It can help with weight loss, for example. It is an old home remedy to use pepper for arthritis pain.

Spicy food is praised for its beneficial effects. Hot chilies are said to stimulate circulation and release happiness hormones. On the other hand, there are critics who warn against too much sharpness.

Read below and get informed about all the great benefits of spicy food. Learn how to use spices to your benefit.
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Do You Know The Health Benefits Of Spicy Foods?

Do You Know The Health Benefits Of Spicy Food?

In warmer countries, people have always liked to eat a little spicier. Not only due to taste but also purely practical. The sharpness has an antibacterial effect but also prevents food from spoiling quickly. In addition, chili and other hot spices have some positive impacts on the body: They warm in cold temperatures and cool in the heat, can support the body’s fat-burning, and make you happy and healthy.

Opinions about spicy food vary: some consider it unhealthy, and others attribute the habit of regularly eating spicy food to its well-being. While some eat spicy food to help digestion, some people get heartburn or diarrhea from a meal with hot spices. Hot spices do have advantages – but don’t overdo them either.

Eating spicy makes you happy.

Capsaicin is the name of the active ingredient that, along with other capsaicinoids, is responsible for the sharp taste in chili and paprika. Although it is tasteless, it irritates the nerve endings that generally perceive impulses of heat. We perceive this as burning sharpness.

Our brain receives a pain signal when we eat spicy food. As a result, it releases endorphins. The situation is similar to the substance piperine in pepper. Chilli and other hot spices are sometimes even referred to as natural drugs because happiness hormones can relax the body.

Eating spicy: healthy or unhealthy?

Imagine eating a particularly hot serving of chili con carne. After just a few bites, you will get hot, and beads of sweat stand on your forehead. It is because spicy foods activate heat receptors. Also, it stimulates blood circulation in the tissue, the pores open, and we sweat. Maybe this is the reason for the often spicy cuisine in many hot countries because spicy food lowers the body temperature.

In addition, many of the ingredients in hot spices or foods have an antibacterial effect. Spicy vegetables such as onions, garlic, and leeks have an antibiotic and disinfectant effect. Spicy food is also suitable for oral hygiene because it stimulates saliva flow.

Lose weight through spicy food.

Spicy food increases blood flow to the mucous membranes, which affects the taste buds. Hot spices, therefore, also act as flavor enhancers. Spicy food also promotes gastric juice production.

In addition, it stimulates digestion. 

A research team carried out a test at the University of Tasmania in Australia: By comparing two test groups, it was possible to prove that spicy food – in this case, chili – regulates insulin levels. The more insulin levels rise, the higher the likelihood of weight gain.

Spicy food can also have an intensifying effect on converting calories into heat; it increases the consumption of calories. If you are not used to hot spices, you eat more slowly at the same time and reach your saturation limit with smaller amounts.

Is eating spicy unhealthy during pregnancy?

Many expectant or nursing mothers fear that spicy foods will harm their children. Doctors reassure you: You can eat spicy food even during breastfeeding and pregnancy, as long as the mother and child feel comfortable and do not consume tons of very hot spices.

Mothers from countries with spicy cuisine usually do not change their eating habits during pregnancy, and it does not harm their children. 

When is spicy food unhealthy?

However, spicy food can become unhealthy if there are stomach problems: It stimulates gastric juices. It can exacerbate symptoms such as heartburn. Chronic heartburn, in turn, can promote the development of esophageal cancer. 

Stomach pain and gastritis can also result when a sensitive stomach has to digest spicy food. Some people also react with diarrhea. Furthermore, there is a possible connection between bladder irritation and bladder incontinence and excessive consumption of hot spices is.

Hot spices and their effects

Some popular hot spices can have beneficial health effects:

Paprika, chili, and pepperoni: nutrition for osteoarthritis and rheumatism, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects

Mustard: regulates blood pressure

Garlic prevents atherosclerosis and donates selenium.

Ginger: Works against nausea, seasickness (pregnancy), vomiting

Pepper: stimulates digestion and circulation, has an aphrodisiac effect, suitable for bronchitis and colds

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Do You Know The Health Benefits Of Spicy Foods?

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Do You Know The Health Benefits Of Spicy Foods?

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Do You Know The Health Benefits Of Spicy Foods?

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Do You Know The Health Benefits Of Spicy Foods?

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