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Tips On How To Free Yourself From Emotional Eating

 How do you free yourself from sugar addiction, frustration eating, and emotional eating

Are you an emotional eater? What is emotional eating?

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But it does not always have to do only with the diet. 

Some people cannot eat anything if they are stressed. These people need to be careful not to lose too much weight because of stress.

And then there are the people who do not lose weight when they are stressed but increase it. These are the ones who eat their bad feelings away.

Tips On How To Free Yourself From Emotional Eating

We know, chocolate activates the happiness hormones. Snacking helps. It is so easy and fast to get relaxed. Eating helps with stress.

The bad thing is that we gain weight from stress and emotional eating. In addition to this, we make ourselves stressed because we know we gain weight! Feelings of happiness with a side effect.

How do you deal with stress?

If you’re an emotional eater, then eating something is your number one strategy to pamper yourself and get rid of unpleasant feelings.

Do you allow yourself to take a break in everyday life? How long is your to-do list? Do you expect too much from yourself?

Then eating may be your way to allow you a short break from all the pressure. If you eat, then you can let go for a little while and relax.

You stop being perfect. You let go of diet rules and enjoy giving yourself what you deserve finally. Dare to take care of yourself at this moment. Eating is a strategy of self-care for you.

Do you think you are sugar-addicted?

People who want to free themselves from their emotional eating habits often believe that they are sugar addicted. So they deny themselves Chocolat and everything sweet.
But it is not that easy and total sugar release does not solve the problem.

On the contrary, strict prohibitions often increase our problem.
Because as a living beings, we react with internal rebellion.
Maybe you have experienced it; you are fighting with all your willpower against your supposed “sugar addiction.” You do not allow yourself any chocolate or sweets and resist.

But then something is wrong, and you give up. You did fight with all your willpower. But it does not work, and now you’re eating all the forbidden chocolate and sweets you did deny yourself.

You eat even more than before your chocolate ban. And you know it is not beneficial for you. Have you ever had a binge after a diet? Then you know how devastating such a setback feels.
You regret and feel ashamed.

You feel confirmed that this is sugar addiction! If you eat even a bite of this stuff, you lose control. You think you must be addicted.

You decide to be even more strict in the future. And the vicious cycle begins. The belief that you are sugar addicted will form and establish in you.

And with each diet you go through, the problem increases. If you submit to strict prohibitions and commandments, the unconscious part of you reacts with resistance because it hates prohibitions, compulsions, and your strict rules.

The unconscious part of you will be your biggest enemy in every diet and will sabotage your diet. The rebellious part of you is not in the mood for changing habits. He punishes with a juicy binging.

Tips On How To Free Yourself From Emotional Eating

Maybe you are overpowered by your feelings?

Some people, on the other hand, do not blame sweets. They believe that their feelings are to blame for the dilemma. They convince themselves that they need food to cope with the emotions in their lives.

Typical thoughts are that because I have a bad phase right now. I need chocolate!”
Or “It’s such a stressful day; I deserve to have my favorite food and cuddle on the sofa”!

Or: “My life is too stressful right now. I need a quick pizza or something from Drive Through. I do not have time for a healthy diet. ” Is this you? These thoughts are understandable.

If you have a difficult phase in your life, like lovesickness or stress, then eating does help you. Eating triggers powerful biochemical reactions in the brain. Nobody can deny that food is good.

But the truth is, we will always have stress and problems throughout our lives.

Moreover, you are one of those people who do something in their lives! You probably have a job and a family that you care about and is close to your heart. You may be a good friend, a good buddy, and are there for others. About your hobby, you are passionate. All those things are important to you, But now comes everyday life with its heights and its depths.

That means the stress in your life is there. He will not go away, not even if the exam is over, the kids are asleep, the loan paid off, or you are finally in a relationship. Yes, life is sometimes stressful and sometimes really emotional.

Therefore, we need a strategy on how to deal effectively with this stress and unpleasant feelings.

We all have stress and unpleasant feelings. The only question is: how do we deal with it?

Food is admittedly a very effective way to give your brain a quick and effective boost of happiness hormones. But it is certainly not the only remedy. It’s time to expand our repertoire of happiness strategies.

The key to freeing yourself from emotional eating behavior.

Discover your psychological flexibility
No matter what challenges life throws on you, the choices about how you respond to them are yours. No worry, it’s not that you are never allowed to eat chocolate again if you’re feeling sick.

It’s about being able to choose for yourself to not act like a remote-controlled robot. You are in control and can decide for yourself.

Psychological flexibility means getting aware that you have choices. Yes, chocolate is one of them. The question is: what else will help you?

Tips On How To Free Yourself From Emotional Eating

What can help to free yourself from emotional eating?

Take a moment and a piece of paper and make yourself a feel-good list. Write down everything that you think is good for you.
Also, think of all the things that have helped you once in your life to master a difficult situation.

What did help you other than food and sweets to relax?
What do you like when you are depressed, sad, or disappointed?
Is there something that helps you with anger and anger?
Which situations/challenges have you mastered before, and what helped you?
Write at least 10 points. It can be very simple things like:
Take a deep breath three times, go for a walk, listen to music.
read a book or in a magazine, all a friend
cuddle with my pet or go for a walk with my dog,
or to distract with something useful: cleaning, gardening, going shopping, Sports

After this, see how likely it is to do one of the above things the next week and how effective they have been in the past.
Use a scale of 1-10.

If you have never gone for a walk because of stress, but would like to try it out in the future, give the strategy a “1”.

If you like talking to your girlfriend in case of problems, and this has helped you a lot in the past, then give the strategy a “10”.

By the way: a “1” is not worse than a “10”. Ideally, you will get the right mix. So you can trust in time-tested strategies in an emergency. But you can also try something new. It is an excellent opportunity to expand your repertoire of emergency strategies. A significant effect is you gain psychological flexibility!

Use your Emergency list

Finally, you decide on one strategy on your list that you want to try at least once this week.
It should be your commitment, your self-commitment: Only if you pick a specific point and you set a time frame for it, you will come into action.

Yes- you need this commitment. Without self-commitment, all wish for change remains only hot air. If you want to change and want to learn something, then you must go one step further than just writing. You need to implement it!
What strategy are you going to try at least once this week?

Your list is now your emergency kid from which you can help yourself to overcome stress and unpleasant emotions.

With your soul, you have to be caring the same as with your body. Overcome unpleasant feelings and stress with your psychological feel-good list.

It’s about you and your life. You have it in your hand.

Get out of your comfort zone

Do not you like to write a list? Are you afraid of putting on an emergency list? Do you feel internal resistance or do you have excuses why the exercise maybe only good for everyone else but you?
Right, whenever we get out of our comfort zone, it feels a bit strange. But this is the only way we can grow and develop.
Please keep in mind: It’s about your values. It’s about your life.

It’s about making you realize your dream.
Do you want to be a healthy, slim person?

A person in a fit body and with healthy, beneficial eating habits?

Imagine this healthy, fit and slim person

Tips On How To Free Yourself From Emotional Eating

Your list will help you to be clear about it. With your list, you discover exactly who you want to be and exactly how you want to act.

You can do it!

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