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Do You Make This Mistake And Trust What We Are Told is Healthy ?

Food – trends that are not really healthy

We hear a lot about healthy food trends in the media today.
Is it all really true? Can we trust it?

Often we hear for a time about something which we are told is healthy, and after a few weeks, we hear the opposite.
What we eat is always an indication of the time in which we live. There are many food trends. And new ones are added every year. Sometimes a single food is hyped; then again, a new form of nutrition is celebrated.

A number of products on supermarket shelves have gained a good reputation among health-conscious consumers. But it is often just clever marketing strategies that make it so. Nutritionists often have a different perspective on food and would like a better explanation for these Trent foods.

Food trends may give you new ideas for a varied, healthy diet. But as with fashion, the same applies to food: you don’t have to follow every trend or blindly follow a new, cool nutritional philosophy that may not even be suitable for you.

Do we go to find out the real truth? Can the media be wrong? Should we believe everything blindly?

Looking closely at new food trends and weighing their usefulness is better. Question new nutritional concepts carefully and, if in doubt, stay true to yourself rather than blindly following strict rules.

Indeed, we should question and inform ourselves before we trust it and eat as naturally and balanced as possible. Read this article and see what is better to do.

Do You Make This Mistake And Trust What We Are Told is Healthy?

This is the world we live in. When we’re told something is “healthy,” most of us blindly trust it as fact. If the news says so, it must be right. Right?

Not necessarily.

It’s time we do a little digging of our own so that we can distinguish between scientific facts and diet fads.

Here are five popular health trends that most of us don’t question but should.

1. Exotic superfoods

Chia seeds. Maca. Spirulina. Cacao. Goji berries. It seems like a hot new “superfood” on the market will change your life every month.

Are these exotic foods truly super, or is it all hype? The answer is two-fold. Yes, these superfoods are unusually high in antioxidants and do have superior qualities. For example, cacao is exceptionally high in iron and magnesium (justifying those chocolate cravings that tend to creep up during “that time of the month!”). Goji berries are loaded with vitamin C (500 times that of oranges by weight) and have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

But is it possible that their role in your diet could be a total game-changer? Only if you’re eating a pretty clean diet, to begin with. If you’re someone who’s chowing down on processed foods, sipping sugary drinks throughout the day, and sometimes adding a few chia seeds to your morning smoothie, the answer is no. It’s not enough to cancel out all the bad stuff. Instead of treating superfoods as a cure-all, why not embrace them as add ons to an already balanced diet? There are plenty of nutritional powerhouse foods that exist without the superfood title including leafy greens, wild salmon, sweet potatoes, and avocado.

2. Many supplements

Most supplements on the market are absolute crap. Yeah, I said it. As someone who has worked for a highly regarded supplement company and has witnessed the behind-the-scenes of the industry, I know what’s really in those little pills we love to pop. A high percentage of the supplements you see at the big retail chains are loaded with impure additives including fillers, binders and lubricants. These additives cause malabsorption and inhibit your body from utilizing the benefits of the supplement. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

Supplements, similar to superfoods, are overdone and many times unnecessary. There is no one supplement that’s going to cure your bad diet. Some supplements may be beneficial, but it’s best to consult with your doctor or nutritionist before heading to the health food store to load up on herbs.

3. Diet label affiliation

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