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Freeze Lemons – Don’t Waste Organic Lemons – Freeze Them !

Freeze lemons if you buy organic

Freeze Lemons whenever you can find organic for a good price. Lemons are very beneficial. If you want to have more vitamin C, you should have them always in your kitchen. You can use them for many things, like making lemon water, making salad dressing, putting them in your raw jam, or in a fruit salad. Also, you can use them for skincare. Even lemon peel you can use, and it has many health benefits more than we usually know about.
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Don’t Waste Organic Lemons – Freeze Them!

lemon freeze them


A natural cross between limes and citrons, the plant-derived lemons is one of America’s widely consumed tropical fruits and has been a major food crop in Florida ever since the 16th century. These bright yellow and thin-skinned are famously used to refresh and enhance the taste of cold water or hot teas. (1)

It should be no surprise that this simple fruit earns great popularity among many people from various cultures, but did you know you could actually freeze lemons?

Waste no lemon!

One of the most convenient ways to include more vitamin C into your diet is to eat more lemons. When flavoring up water, it can help with the body’s pH levels and aid indigestion. Others have used lemons to enhance dressings or certain food dishes to give it a good tang. For such a simple and cheap fruit, a little goes a long way, and as it turns out, it’s incredibly versatile as well!

I thought I was out of my mind until I came across freezing lemons in their whole raw form. No slicing, no peeling, or no squeezing the juice out. What?

The next time you need lemons, buy organic lemons. Wash it and simply throw it in the freezer. Whenever you are in need of this amazing fruit, just grab a frozen one out of the freezer and start grating away the peel and everything else! (2)

Use it to sprinkle onto your salads, soups, sauces, ice cream, water, juicing, cupcakes, muffins, or whatever else you can think of. There are virtually no restrictions and your taste buds may experience this taste test on a whole new level! (1,2,3)

How in the world would you do this?

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