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5 Indian Style Vegan Recipes Created By Award Winning Priya Shiva

Indian Style Vegan Recipes + Video by Priya Shiva

Indian Style Vegan Recipes are made with a lot of spices which makes the dishes tasty, aromatic, and delicious. Here we have the creations by Priya Shiva; she is a well know food blogger in India who had an appearance on Indian television as well. She is an enthusiastic foodie chef, and it is her passion to cook and share her recipes on her blog Priya Kitchenette. Read about her awards here.

Recently she started to make short videos showing how to prepare these tasty recipes and how to use aromatic spices. Below are 5 aromatic recipes, two recipes with videos. She will have more videos on her YouTube channel soon; you can subscribe here to get notifications of new videos immediately.

Many Indian recipes are already vegan, or you can change them easily for vegan. If you want to learn the use of healthy and aromatic spices, have a look at Priya Shiva’s recipes and learn how to use them in her videos.
Enjoy the exotic and aromatic Indian-style vegan recipes!

sankara tv cookery show
Priya Shiva at a tv cookery show

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 Indian Style Vegan Recipes Created By Award-Winning Priya Shiva



I made some thakkali thokku for breakfast today, and it really comes in handy when I’m especially not in the mood to make elaborate side dishes. We can make this on a large scale and preserve it.

You can easily serve this tomato preserve with some plain parathas, uttapams, dosa, idli, etc. I’m going to have a busy day, so sharing this simple recipe for thakkali thokku and hope you all have a wonderful day! Recipe and Video here

Crispy Spinach Onion Fritter+ Video

5 Indian Style Vegan Recipes Created By Award Winning Priya Shiva-palak pyaaz ke pakode recipe

The weather is amazingly beautiful in Bangalore. It is a mix of rainy days and sunny days but the weather stays pleasant. This weather only doubles my appetite and makes me crave for tea and snacks. Pakora or better known as fritters are my all time favorite tea-time snack. I can think of enjoying some spicy Bhindi Pakora or onion fritters any day. So, I decided to make some crispy Palak Pyaaz ke Pakode today. Recipe and Video here


5 Indian style Vegan Recipes Created By Award Winning Priya Shiva-vegan cucumber banana muffin

These vegan whole wheat cucumber banana muffins have to be in your breakfast menu for two simple reason. They are healthy and simply delicious! I love to explore with food and been thinking of making something different with cucumbers. I always end up thinking of cucumber in a salad or a drink. This time I  did change my whole way of thinking and did bake something with cucumbers which turned out to be so good.. Recipes Here


5 Indian style Vegan Recipes Created By Award Winning Priya Shiva-Carrot-Rice

My little boy usually does not prefer to eat his veggies separately. So, I often look for options like Variety Rice or Stuffed Parathas etc. Carrot rice is a great option specially for lunch box and you can easily send it with some Raita and chips.Recipe Here


5 Indian style Vegan Recipes Created By Award Winning Priya Shiva-Kongunadu Cauliflower Kurma

I’m sharing an exotic dish today, Kongunadu Cauliflower Kurma, which is a delicious curry made with cauliflower. The dish is spicy, aromatic and cauliflower is cooked in rich coconut gravy. It is also known as Cauliflower Korma Curry. Recipe Here

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