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Mindfulness And Vegan Recipes For Eating Healthy And Joyfully

Mindfulness and Vegan Recipes together for Food Consciousness

She writes for us about Mindfulness and Vegan Recipes. Here we have a guest post for you by Mae Knapnougel, a fan of Vegan Recipes News.

Her blog’s name is DreamndFly. Read what she has to share with us and enjoy her story, recipes, and beautiful images.

Thank you for your contribution, Mae

Mindfulness And Vegan Recipes For Eating Joyfully

Food is a source of life. Appropriately focused, it brings food consciousness into your life.

Eating properly is buying consciously, cooking with attention, and eating with love. It is choosing foods that harmonize with each other, which multiplies their benefits between them.

Since recently, I started an exciting project that seeks constant harmony. Faced with the lack of information and training in food issues, I decided to create a blog that focuses on nutrition from a deeper and more spiritual, human, and vital point of view.

I prepare recipes that are usually totally raw, in which I combine food properly to multiply their properties and turn them into authentic medicinal treasures. They are simple, uncomplicated, natural, and completely vegan.

Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Mindfulness And Vegan Recipes For Eating Healthy And Joyfully

Brown rice with kale pesto. This delicious Italian sauce offers a myriad of goodness and combines with a multitude of ingredients. Source of plant proteins and natural antioxidants, it can be mixed with all kinds of grains, seeds, legumes, vegetables, and fruits.

Mindfulness And Vegan Recipes For Eating Joyfully


Vegetables with tagliatelle of wakame seaweed. Algae are marine plants with powerful benefits. They contain a multitude of minerals, which in few quantities, meet our needs. The wakame tagliatelle combines the magic of seaweed with the delicious taste of pasta and mixes very well with all kinds of vegetables.

Mindfulness And Vegan Recipes For Eating Joyfully


Spinach nice cream. An inexhaustible source of iron, we improve its absorption with the vitamin C of the mango. This green nice cream contains all the benefits of spinach, offering a sweet and tropical flavor, slightly almond and a bit salty.

Mindfulness And Vegan Recipes

Here are some ideas for making healthy and environmentally friendly recipes. It is very important to begin the ritual with sincere thanks for all that you have in front of you and to elaborate on each step with love and care.

If you want to discover more vegan recipes, just go to my personal blog, and start researching and trying.

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