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Moringa The Magic Tree Of Life And Its Amazing Benefits

Moringa – The Magic Tree of Life

Moringa, the magic tree of life, or Moringa Oleifera – the name of this plant discovered recently alone, sounds like a magic formula. In India, it is the tree of life, more than 5000 years ago in the traditional Ayurvedic healing art. He is able to cure over 300 diseases. But what makes the tree so special? Why is the Moringa Plant so versatile and efficient? And what makes it so healthy?

Read why Moringa the Magic Tree is beneficial for Vegans and vegetarians.

The Magic Tree of Life is an actual Wonder Tree.

Moringa Oleifera, also known as horseradish in Europe, originates from the Himalayan region in northwest India. Moringa has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. He was discovered by the British during India’s colonial period and spread to other British colonies. The plant now grows worldwide in the tropics and subtropics, especially in countries like Africa, Arabia, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean islands, since it is particularly well suited for hot and dry climates.

The growth of Moringa is extraordinary. It can grow up to 30 cm monthly and reach a height of up to 4 meters within one year; in the first year, even a height of 8 meters. However, it is also extraordinary that all tree parts greatly benefit humans.

The English colonial gentlemen first used the roots as a horseradish substitute because of the very similar smell and taste – hence also the English name. The fruits are similar to beans and are usually consumed as vegetables, for example, in curries. These, but especially the leaves, have a high content of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

From the seeds, vegetable oil can be pressed, which finds a versatile application in the diet, as lubricating oil, as a basis for the production of ointments, soap, and cosmetics, or as biodiesel. But what makes the tree something special is the ability to clean polluted drinking water with the seed powder. The powder binds suspended solids and bacteria in the water and sinks with them to the ground – leaving clear, potable water.

Because of the rapid growth, simple cultivation possibilities, versatile usability of the horseradish tree, and the numerous health benefits it offers to humans, it is truly a wonder tree.


Moringa – The Magic Tree of Life and its powerful, healthy leaves

The plant is hitherto considered to be the most nutritious plant at all. Numerous valuable nutrients and vital substances can be found, especially in the leaves or the leaf powder in an optimally matched form. The high number of amino acids must be emphasized since 18 of 20 known essential amino acids could be detected in the leaves. These could not be produced independently by the human organism but are a critical component for oxygen transport in the body and the ability to concentrate and many important brain functions.

Also, a high proportion of antioxidants can be found in the Moringa plant. They are incessant for a healthy organism because they protect us from free radicals, which can often cause illnesses. The so-called oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC), which is used to determine the extent to which free radicals are inhibited, is significantly higher in Moringa than in other plants. The Moringa magic tree of life has excellent antioxidant properties.

Also interesting

Also interesting is the recently discovered content of zeatin. Surprisingly, the Moringa tree leaves contain up to 1000 times more zeatin than other plants. Zeatin is a growth hormone that occurs in Moringa to such a high degree for its rapid growth. In our body, however, the zeatin acts as a messenger, which ensures that all the essential vital substances that are contained in the

Moringa can also be absorbed and utilized by the human organism. Another advantage is that zeatin inhibits the degradation of chlorophyll. As a result, the proteins and vital substances contained in the Moringa leaves are degraded significantly more slowly, which is also a significant advantage for the further processing of the leaves to leaf powder, as this also lasts long in this nutrient.

Another advantage is that zeatin inhibits the degradation of chlorophyll. As a result, the proteins and vital substances contained in the Moringa leaves are degraded significantly more slowly, which is also a significant advantage for the further processing of the leaves to leaf powder, as this also lasts long in this nutrient.

The essential ingredients and their function at a glance:

  • Essential amino acids: protect against free radicals
  • Vitamin A: essential for healthy vision
  • Vitamin C: to strengthen the immune system
  • Calcium: Essential for healthy teeth and bones
  • Magnesium: Promotes blood circulation
  • Potassium: ensures a smooth metabolism
  • Iron: important for the oxygen supply of the cells
  • Zinc: acts against the body’s inflammation

Like all parts of the Moringa tree, the leaves are usable in many ways. In the countries of origin, they are usually consumed either raw, cooked, stewed, or prepared in the pan. However, tea is also brewed from them, which is traditionally used for prevention and health support. Also, it is used externally, for example, in the case of skin problems. However, the leaf powder is of particular importance to us. The drying and grinding of the leaves can make them durable without losing their effectiveness and delivered directly to our home. For example, in the form of capsules. The wonder tree from the Far East gives us our extra daily portion of all the nutrients and nutrients already mentioned.



The Moringa Products in the kitchen

Moringa Oleifera is used in many different ways daily. It can be added to various dishes such as smoothies, soups, sauces, curry, and yogurt. Moringa Oleifera can be used fresh or as a dry powder. It can be integrated into the daily diet and also fits into juices, bread, and pasta. See the recipes on page 2 and watch the video.

The Moringa Magic Tree of Life – for whom is it particularly suitable?

Moringa: The Magic Tree Of Life And Its Amazing Benefits

The Magic Tree of Life  Moringa – who particularly can benefit?

First of all, the versatile all-rounder Moringa Oleifera is recommended for anyone who wants to meet his unique daily needs for many important vitamins, minerals, and trace elements without having to use synthetic food supplements. In the ayurvedic healing art, Moringa Oleifera has also been highly esteemed for centuries as a beautiful all-connoisseur in common complaints.

The consumption of the leaves or the taking of the powder can prevent deficiency or malnutrition, anemia, headache,  irregular blood pressure, the tendency to inflammations and skin infections, diarrhea, and fever. There are, however, very few groups of persons who are particularly advised to consume the plant, even if they do not suffer from any of the above symptoms


Moringa for Pregnant and lactating mothers

Moringa leaf powder or leaves taken during pregnancy can support the healthy growth of the infant and intensify milk production in the mother. Through the organism of the mother and later the mother’s milk, the child can already absorb many essential vitamins and minerals. Particularly noteworthy are the amino acids arginine and histidine contained in the plant, which can not be produced sufficiently in the growth phase by the body of the baby itself but are essential for its healthy development.

Moringa the Magic Tree for Children

But not only for infants but also for older, growing children, a diet with Moringa is an advantage since the many nutrients and builders contained can positively affect the growth and development of the brain and nerve cells. Also, the high proportion of vitamin C strengthens children’s immune systems.

Moringa Oleifera for Athletes

Performance athletes or people exposed to high-performance pressure are particularly encouraged to eat balanced and have an unusually high demand for nutrients and vital substances. Moringa can help them to absorb all essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins in a sufficient form. Thus, remain highly active in a very natural way. On the one hand, this is due to the high proportion of iron and vitamins A and C in Moringa.

This ensures that the blood is always supplied with sufficient oxygen, thus stabilizing circulation. In addition to the high amount of calcium, the various amino acids can positively affect muscle growth. Antioxidants protect the cell tissue additionally with increased physical exertion.

Moringa, the Magic Tree of Life for Seniors

Also, for older people, it is good to take Moringa to remain fit and vital even in old age. Many complaints are avoidable by a balanced, nutrient-rich diet. The leaves of Moringa Oleifera serve as an optimal source and supply for all vital substances needed in old age.

Moringa the Magic Tree for Vegans

Vegan and vegetarian, but especially for vegans, the Moringa plant is important since these often suffer from deficiency symptoms. Many ask themselves how they can cover their protein, calcium, and iron requirements while avoiding animal products.

The ingredients of the leaves can help this problem because they contain more proteins than eggs or yogurt, significantly more iron than spinach, and exceed the calcium content of milk many times.

For the first try, Green Smoothie

Ingredients (for 4 persons): 1 salad cucumber (500 g), 1 ripe avocado, 2 tbsp lemon juice,  coriander green, 4 tsp moringa oil, sea salt, 1 tsp mild curry powder

Preparation: Peel a cucumber and chop small cubes. Cut the avocado in half, peel it, remove the avocado from the shell and roughly cut. Add both to the mixer and sprinkle with lemon juice. Rinse off the coriander green and peel it down to a few leaves. Add 30 ml of water and thoroughly purify the whole. Add the moringa oil, the salt, and the curry and mix everything. Fill in large glasses and serve garnished with coriander green.

Moringa salad dressing

  • A delicious dressing with Moringa oil and powder!
  • 1 teaspoon Moringa leaf cut or leaf powder
  • Herbs, mixed with choice of best fresh (parsley, oregano, basil …)
  • Himalayan salt
  • Black pepper – freshly ground
  • 2 tablespoons of moringa oil
  • 4 tablespoons apple cider or as desired
  • A bit of sugar
  • Fry walnuts in a pan and then crush them in a bowl.
  • Stir everything in a small bowl and add to the salad.
  • Tip: To make the sugar dissolve better, you can heat the whole thing slightly.

Moringa for Beauty

The valuable ingredients improve cell supply, protection against free radicals, and increase defense forces. It is therefore not surprising that, in cosmetics, Moringa is also a valuable aid to the body. The cosmetics from the inside by the good nutrient supply finds, however also externally supported by baths, care creams, and -lotions with Moringaöl and powder.

 Moringa is good nutrition for the animals.

Just as humans benefit from the nutrients of the Moringa tree, the favorite pets can be well supplied with all necessary nutrients by the supply of Moringa in the food. Beneficial is the use of the powder in a vegetarian diet of a dog or cat.

Scientific Review of Moringa Oleifera

Get >  Moringa, the Superfood for Total Wellness, and experience the power of nature’s most nutrient-dense plant.


Moringa Dal drumstick leaves lentil curry or Murungai is a delicious way to include the “Superfood Moringa “ in your daily meals. Make this dal in an Instant Pot pressure cooker for an easy weeknight meal.


Oatmeal is one of my family’s favorite ways to start the day. Some people are content with having their oatmeal plain, but for us, adding other toppings and superfoods like moringa powder makes things more delicious and pack a nutrient punch.

Moringa Smoothie Recipe

The amazing and flavorful Moringa Smoothie Recipe is easy to prepare with almond milk and frozen banana, creamy and delicious! Moringa smoothie is ready in minutes and only made with 3 ingredients.

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