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Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies For Perfect Gluten-Free Holiday’s

Pumpkin Sandwich Cookie Recipe 

You will enjoy these pumpkin sandwich cookies. After dinner for a holiday treat needs to be of a kind that won’t pack on more calories than your usual holiday meal. You don’t need to wander and search anymore if you’re looking something of a kind. Full of creamiest and most divine chocolate cinnamon is the best healthy and delicious holiday treat. Also, it is gluten-free so everybody can eat them without regret.

Spices are like a cherry on the cake in this recipe and have their own health advantages as well. We always treat spices as a healthy ingredient and so it is in case of this spicy vegan gluten-free recipe.

Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies For Perfect Gluten-Free Holiday’s



Pumpkin Pie Cookie Sandwiches With Chocolate Cinnamon Filling

They’re then stuffed with the creamiest, most divine chocolate cinnamon frosting ever. Full disclosure: all of the frosting most definitely did NOT make it into these cookies. My fiancé looked over at one point when I was guiltily licking my fingers and chastised me to stop; “you’ll have none left for the photos,” he said. “Arghwagabugga,” I said, my mouth full of cinnamon chocolate goodness. I swallowed, cradling the bowl protectively against my chest. “Go away.”

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Sandwich Recipe

INGREDIENTS and Directions Here

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