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6 Incredible Delicious and Rainbow Colorful Raw Desserts

Delicious and Colorful Raw Desserts

These Colorful Raw Desserts are truly a rainbow of color and artfully created. The Australian food blogger Anthea loves to create colorful plant-based foods and desserts. Anthea believes colorful food is beautiful for our eyes to see it and nourishes our body and soul.

She is on a journey to nourish herself with nature’s gift of colorful fruits, vegetables, and plant-based food. She is vegan and does not like food that harms animals.  A master in preparing the most beautiful colorful food ever she created here some colorful raw desserts beautiful to look at and delicious to eat.

Raw cheesecake, Beetroot, Coconut cream tart, colorful Acai bowl Cheesecakes, and this awesome Rainbow Nicecream cake, unbelievable these colors. A delight for body and soul. Prepare them for your next family gathering and you will shine. 🙂

6 Incredible Delicious and Colorful Raw Desserts

Vegan Black Forest Tart


Vegan black forest tart which is quick and easy to make with only 7 ingredients. It’s decadent and will impress all your family and friends!


4 Incredible Delicious and Colorful Raw Desserts

Smoothie bowls are a staple in my diet as they are quick to make, delicious and can be made out of pantry/freezer ingredients. Smoothie bowls are normally thick smoothies poured into bowls, made with some sort of frozen fruit, and topped with things like granola, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, coconut… or whatever is in…READ MORE »

The Best Rainbow Vegan Brownies

colorful raw desserts


Decadent, fudgy and crispy vegan brownies! The brownies only need ONE BOWL, are easy to make and have no weird ingredients!

Rainbow vegan cheesecake


colorful raw desserts

No-bake vegan cheesecake with all the colours from the rainbow. Healthy, gluten-free and colourful.This cake is naturally coloured with superfoods, fruits and veggies. I have to be honest, it can be a bit time-consuming and fiddly. However, it’s super easy to make and would be fun to make with kids!


colorful raw desserts

When life gives you lemons… make lemon raw vegan treats! Hur-hur-hur… (Note: I don’t actually laugh like ‘hur-hur-hur’… I just refer to it because the sound of it makes me giggle) My boyfriend’s tree is bursting with lemons as if it’s on steroids. Healthy, natural, and organic steroids. Actually, when I think about it,… READ MORE »

Ultimate Vegan Chocolate Smoothies

Always! Smoothies are my go-to when I’m feeling hungry. They take NO time to make and are really easy to swallow. I love that I can pack heaps of ingredients in them and keep my energy up for the day. I often have smoothies for breakfast with a heck load of homemade granola so it’s closer to a complete meal.

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