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Quick Last Minute Vegan Recipes For The Holiday Season

Quick last-minute Vegan Holiday Recipes

Here are 5 quick last-minute vegan Holiday recipes sent from our friend David Rash and Indu’s International Kitchen. We posted two of David’s Recipes in the past, and everybody liked them. The  CANNELLINI – STUFFED PORTABELLAS, FRESH GARBANZO BEANS RECIPE, and the Chocolate Chip Cookies below. We often had recipes from Indu; here, she has a tasty addition to your menu. David’s recipe is a vegan and gluten-free  recipe .” It’s a Chickpea and butternut Squash Stew with Wild Rice Pilaf. It’s not a stew in the traditional sense–it’s very quick to make, actually–but it has all the comfort of one. I soak and cook dry beans rather than canned because you get a flavorful bean broth from the water they cook in, with this aroma of cumin, orange, and cinnamon. It’s unbelievable,” he said. We hope it comes on time for you, not only in the Holiday season but it can always be quickly prepared. We hope you like these quick, last-minute vegan recipes and enjoy the Holidays.

Quick last-minute Vegan Holiday Recipes


3 Quick Last Minute Vegan Recipes For The Holiday Season-chickpea-butternut-3

No. It’s not tofurkey. I don’t think anyone wants anything to do with that.

It’s Chickpea & Butternut Squash Stew with Wild Rice Pilaf. Not only is this a great main course for someone with a vegan diet (gluten-free, too), but it also makes for an excellent side for everyone else. It’s fabulously flavorful as it should be—just because someone won’t be eating meat doesn’t mean they don’t deserve something just as spectacular. It’s not quite a stew in the traditional sense, but take comfort in that Recipe. 

Herbed Garlicky Baby Potatoes (Slow Cooker Potatoes)

3 Quick Last Minute Vegan Recipes For The Holiday Season

OK, not going to babble much here.  Thanksgiving is tomorrow!  One by one, the dishes are coming together.  We are celebrating with our close friends as usual–we are a big family. So I have signed up for only a couple. But you know me, I do have to make an extra one too.

Shepherd’s Pie Twice Baked Potatoes

A new take on a traditional shepherd’s pie. These shepherd’s pie twice-baked potatoes are perfect for parties, easy to prepare, and so good!


3 Quick Last Minute Vegan Recipes For The Holiday Season

I admit, unashamedly and without hesitation, that I am a chocolate chip cookie snob. They have to be just so; otherwise, there is no reason for them. They’re simple, yes—even basic, some may say—but it’s their simplicity that has made them a classic. For me, they have to be just crisp enough around the edges to hold their shape but doughy in the middle, more like hot cookie dough rather than actually baked.

Warm Lentil & Kale Winter Salad

Make this colorful, warm lentil and kale winter salad to enjoy everything this season has to offer in one bowl! This healthy recipe is easy to follow, nutrient-packed, and flavorful.

The magic of the season is upon us, and Annmarie Skin Care wants to celebrate with you!

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