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It’s Root Vegetables Season: Parsnip, Turnip, And Rutabaga Delights!

Season for Parsnip, Turnip, and Rutabaga.

In winter, root vegetables play an essential role in the kitchen. Turnips provide us with essential vitamins and minerals during the cold season.

Due to their exceptional storability, late ripening, and winter hardiness, they can be used to prepare tasty soups or stews from December to March. A wonderful side effect: they supply the body with valuable minerals and vitamins during this rather barren time.

Turnips, a versatile and nutritious root vegetable, have been a staple in kitchens worldwide for centuries. With their earthy flavor and distinct texture, turnips add depth and complexity to various dishes. Different varieties of turnips provide numerous health benefits.

Turnips: A World of Variety

 From traditional purple-top turnips to the lesser-known golden or white varieties, turnips offer a cornucopia of flavors and colors. Let’s explore some of the popular types of turnips:

Purple-Top Turnips:

These are the most commonly found variety, known for their rich purple skin and creamy white flesh. Purple-top turnips are highly versatile and can be enjoyed roasted, mashed, or added to soups and stews.

Tokyo Turnips:

Tokyo turnips, also called Hakurei turnips, are smaller and have a delicate sweet flavor. Best enjoyed raw, these turnips taste crisp and refreshing in salads or can be pickled.

Golden Turnips:

With their vibrant golden color and slightly sweet taste, golden turnips are a delightful addition to any dish. Roasting or steaming brings out their natural sweetness.

White Turnips:

White turnips, also known as white globe turnips, are mild in flavor and have a creamy texture. They are often used in stir-fries, gratins, or as a delicious addition to mashed potatoes for a unique twist.

The Health Benefits of Turnips

Aside from their versatility in the kitchen, turnips also offer various health benefits. Here are a few reasons to incorporate turnips into your diet:

Rich in Nutrients: Turnips are a great source of vitamins C, K, and E and minerals like potassium and calcium. Including turnips in your meals can help support a healthy immune system and promote bone health.

High in Fiber: As a fiber-rich vegetable, turnips can aid digestion and promote a healthy gut. Fiber is also beneficial for weight management and helps prevent constipation.

Antioxidant Boost: Turnips contain antioxidants, such as beta-carotene and vitamin C, which help protect the body against cellular damage caused by free radicals. It also contributes to good health and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

Turnips offers an exciting range of flavors and textures, catering to various culinary preferences. Whether you prefer the robustness of purple-top turnips or the delicate sweetness of golden turnips, every palate has a variety.

Beyond their culinary appeal, turnips provide numerous health benefits, making them a nutritious addition to any diet. So, why not explore the world of turnips and discover new ways to savor and enjoy this remarkable root vegetable?


Parsnips vs. Turnips 

There are some differences between these root vegetables. While both parsnips and turnips belong to the same family, parsnips are lighter in color compared to turnips. They have a creamy white exterior and a sweet, earthy flavor.

Turnips are typically rounder and have a slightly bitter taste. The texture of parsnips is smoother. Turnips have a firmer texture. While parsnips and turnips may seem similar, they have unique characteristics that set them apart!

Packed with essential nutrients, they are low in calories and high in dietary fiber, promising to maintain a healthy weight or improve digestion. Turnips are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, potassium, and calcium, which help support the immune system, regulate blood pressure, and promote bone health. They also contain antioxidants.

Frost improves their taste. Some frost-resistant varieties can be harvested fresh from the garden all winter long.


Rutabagas, or Swedes, are also root vegetables with a unique flavor to your kitchen. A Rutabaga is a cross between a cabbage and a turnip, combining the best of both. It has a slightly sweeter and milder taste than turnips.

Rutabaga is also fiber-rich and can promote digestion and help you feel fuller for longer. Not only that, it’s rich in essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, potassium, and manganese, which support immune function, maintain a healthy heart, and aid in bone health. 

Turnip, parsnip, and rutabaga are similar. But the turnip brings a slightly sharp and peppery flavor. The parsnip boasts a sweet and earthy taste, almost like a carrot’s. The rutabaga offers a sweet and nutty taste. Whether you cook with turnips, parsnips, or rutabagas, each is healthy and brings variety to your menu. 

Delicious Recipes with Root Vegetables

Chickpea and Turnip Stew with Ethiopian Spices

This is a very simple, adaptable dish that cooks up quickly. If you don’t have time to make the berberé spice mixture, you can change the flavoring entirely and use curry powder or garam masala; you may need to adjust the amount to taste.


Root Vegetables Season: Parsnip, Turnip, And Rutabaga

For a fun and delicious way to use turnips, look no further than this Roasted Turnip Hummus! It’s a naturally gluten-free and vegan turnip recipe that’s 100% yummy.

Lemony lentil turnip chowder 

Root Vegetables Season: Parsnip, Turnip, And Rutabaga

If you’re a fan of vegan turnip recipes, look no further than this Lemony Lentil Turnip Chowder. It’s creamy, lemony, and full of healthy ingredients.

Beans and Turnips

The best part of this beans and turnips recipe is the crispy garlic and turnips on top! It adds just a great little crunch to finish off the very lush, creamy broth.

Raw Turnip Salad

Root Vegetables Season: Parsnip, Turnip, And Rutabaga

This quick and easy Turnip Salad recipe delivers a sharp, tangy, and crisp raw shredded veggie dish packed with fiber and flavor.

Creamy Parsnip Soup with Roasted Garlic

Celebrate parsnip season with this delicious and creamy Parsnip Soup! This cozy and healthy soup is packed with flavor, mostly hands-off and naturally plant-based, thanks to a few simple tricks.

Seed and Parsnip Spread

This Sunflower Seed and Parsnip spread is creamy, delicious, full of flavour and delightful dip for your dinner or a snack. 

Parsnip Dahl Topped with Roasted Parsnips 

Root Vegetables Season: Parsnip, Turnip, And Rutabaga

Seasonality takes center stage in Melissa Hemsley’s hearty dahl, made with parsnips and topped with quick pickled onions. Perfect for a cold winter evening and with easy vegan swaps.

Vegan parmesan parsnips

Today, on the menu, is a plate of vegan Parmesan roasted parsnips. They are super easy to make and strangely addictive – I struggle not to hoover them up as soon as they emerge from the oven.

Lentil Rutabaga Shepherd’s Pie

Root Vegetables Season: Parsnip, Turnip, And Rutabaga

Look at that golden skillet of amazing. Baked to perfection…….. Smells so good. Serves with a hunk of bread and a fork to eat it with.

Hearty Vegetable Stew (Vegan) (Slow Cooker


My Hearty Vegetable Stew is vegan, easy, healthy, gluten-free, and delicious! Winter root vegetables and beefy mushrooms in a rich, savoury broth simmered to perfection.

Vegan Rutabaga “Queso”(or, Not Queso but Rutabaga)

Root Vegetables Season: Parsnip, Turnip, And Rutabaga

Not your traditional queso. Actually, it’s not queso at all, but it makes a seriously delicious vegan alternative. Its base is the wildly under appreciated rutabaga, and this one is layered with flavor. 

Vegan Kale and Rutabaga Lasagna

This lasagna has that rich tomato taste with a lovely butteriness that comes in from the roasted rutabaga slices.


Rutabaga fries make a delicious snack that’s easy to prepare! Serve them with vegan cashew cream made with spinach, lemon, and garlic for a healthy and flavorful treat.

Asian Style Rutabaga & Carrot Salad

The versatile rutabaga shines in this simple and exciting Asian-inspired salad.

Vegan winter salad

Root Vegetables Season: Parsnip, Turnip, And Rutabaga

Today’s recipe is a vegan winter salad. Winter may seem difficult for salad lovers (I’m talking raw veggies here) compared to other seasons, as the selection of vegetables that do not require cooking is somewhat poor. This recipe, however, manages to combine some of the best winter produce into an easy and a quick-to-prepare salad bowl.

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