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Enjoy This Heavenly Vegan Noodle Soup And More

A Vegan Noodle Soup and more recipes

A Vegan Noodle Soup and more delicious recipes from our Australian Friends.

This time, they created a heavenly Vegan Beef Bean and Noodle soup. And here are even more recipes they shared with us, like the Udon Stir Fry magic, a Vegan Burger, Turnover, which you can make sweet or spicy, and the super simple garlic Bread. We have the video and Recipe for the Turkish Bread for you.

You can bake it yourself or find it in Iranian stores. A tip: Get yourself more of this Bread, or bake more than only one. This bread can be frozen, and it tastes fresh if you warm it up in the oven again; it is delicious. Another option would be to use a French Baguette for this recipe; it will taste delicious as well, for sure.

How to make a French Baguette? Watch the video. This bread can also be eaten with the Vegan Noodle soup, a heavenly meal.

Try it out, get busy, and do not forget to do more bread to freeze.

Heavenly Vegan Noodle Soup And More



Reading the title, you might think that this soup has mock meat in it, but surprise! It doesn’t. It doesn’t even really taste meaty – more brothy if you know what I mean. One thing for sure, and that’s that this Vegan beef bean and noodle soup will warm you up and keep you full on cold winter nights (or days). Especially if you serve it with our garlic bread! Recipe here

vegan burger with mayonnaise and salad

vegan burger

Yes, you heard right, Vegan Burger of Awesomeness! I don’t even know how I created this one. It was a whim, with the ingredients I had in my fridge, as is the usual case. It just tasted awesome. Possibly the best burger we’ve ever tasted, and so, so easy to make.  I think one of the keys with any burger tasting awesome is to have fresh buns. We all like a fresh bun, don’t we? Recipe Here


Udon Stir Fry Magic

Congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon this delicious Udon Stir Fry magic recipe! Oh gosh this is something really special to me. I never seem to get tired with the taste that this magical recipe provides and crave it almost daily. It is jam packed full of vegetables, definitely enough to thrive off for your daily nutritional requirements. The preparation time is fairly nice, especially when you can see all the delicious ingredients starting to lay out in front of you on the cutting board creating a beautiful composition. The Udon Stir Fry is so fun to craft. You can really make it your own with a vast amount of vegetables to add. The abundance of flavours come together so well when you cook with plant based ingredients, you really cannot go wrong. recipe here


Super Simple Vegan Garlic Bread

Oh. My. God. How good is garlic bread!? It’s probably the best thing since sliced bread, haha. I just love the oiliness, crispiness and garlicky-ness of this Super Simple Vegan Garlic Bread. Recipe here     


Savoury Turnovers

Looking for a quick and tasty snack? These Savoury Turnovers will not disappoint! The best part is, you can make a bunch on the weekend and keep them in the freezer to whip out when you need a quick snack or don’t have much time to make dinner. Recipe here

Turkish Bread – Nan Barbari

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