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How to make Vegan Pizza Fun And Easy + Video


Making Vegan Pizza Fun and Easy

Have Vegan Pizza Fun today and look at this easy recipe Katie and Josh created for us. It is really not a big deal to do this and you can even have the ingredient ready and prepare it if you get unexpected guests.

Everybody likes Pizza vegan or not, this Vegan Pizza will please the taste buds of everyone. And sure the kids will like it too if they can have Vegan Pizza fun and for moms, it is easy and fast to get it ready.

Most of the ingredients you can store and keep at home and it is even possible to make some small changes. A Salad with fresh locally grown organic greens makes this even more delicious and Italian style.

Watch the video  Katie and Josh created for us and get started with the easy, fast vegan pizza fun. Make a Garden Party this weekend and invite your friends, even non-vegans will love it and they will be astounded how delicious a Vegan Pizza can be, even without cheese.

Do not forget the Italian-style Salad, maybe with Rucola, Tomatoes, Cucumbers Spinach and Herbs, and a Lemon dressing?

And maybe a glass of red Italian Chianti?


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How to make Vegan Pizza Fun And Easy + Video

Easy Vegan Pizza


This is the easiest pizza you will ever make. I guess that’s why I named it Easy Vegan Pizza?  This recipe is perfect when you don’t have time or inclination to fluff around making dough and wait for ages. The longest part of making this is waiting for the pumpkin to roast. The rest is easy, believe me.


Who says you need cheese on a pizza? This is so tasty without. But if you really want it, there’re so many vegan cheeses available. You can even buy them from your local supermarket these days. Recipe here

How to make Vegan Pizza Fun And Easy

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