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A Hot Spicy Vegan Squash & Bean Stew Recipe To Warm You Up

Spicy Squash & Bean Stew Recipe is the right dish for colder days.

This time we have a beautiful vegan Squash & Bean Stew Recipe made of squash and kidney beans.

Spicy Squash & Bean Stew is the right dish for colder days.
It is a recipe that a whole family can enjoy and get a warm and cozy feeling. Now is the best time to find different kinds of squash fresh and locally grown. Here you can use a butternut squash together with butterbeans and chickpeas.

Enjoy this vegan stew recipe as a healthy midweek meal. A recipe everybody will love, not only vegans. Try it, and enjoy it!

A Hot Spicy Vegan Squash & Bean Stew Recipe To Warm You Up

You know when you’re absolutely shattered, and you can’t be bothered to cook? I totally get it! We’ve got a one-pot dish that is easy, that will mean you can serve up something warm and comforting. Plus, this will serve up to 4 people, so you can either eat it for another night or is great if you got more mouths to feed.

Spicy butterbean, chickpea, and butternut squash stew

Enjoy this super tasty, warming, throw-it-in-a-pan kinda meal that will definitely have you licking your plate!

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