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Yummy Plant-Based Treats Easy To Prepare You Will Enjoy

Plant-based treats make snacking healthy!

Want to try Plant-based treats? Snacking is fun. However, snacking usually makes you fat, and is unhealthy. How nice that you can also have a healthy sweet treat sometimes.

Sweet, to the right extent, has a nourishing, energizing, calming, harmonizing effect. Fortunately, nature takes good care of us: most of the fruits that make up a large part of our diet are naturally sweet. You do not need sugar for these plant-based treats. Use Dates, Bananas, Raisins, Figs, Apricots (dried fruits) Agave syrup, Coconut sugar. All plant-based and healthy.

Traditional snacking is really unhealthy. Even if many people think that if it were unhealthy, it should not be sold! But the food industry is interested in selling!  Making the sweets, cakes and biscuits look beautiful, crunching nicely, melting in the mouth and keeping them crunchy, even though the package has been open for two weeks. They do everything to make people buy the sweets again and again.

However, the food industry does nothing to make sure that the biscuits are healthy.

What makes plant-based treat differently from conventional? Simple: Homemade and Plant-based treats are healthy. You know the ingredients you use for the sweets.

The ingredients of plant-based treats

The basic ingredients of raw vegan sweets are all very high-quality foods that provide the organism with many valuable nutrients and vital substances.

Plant-based treats and sweets are, therefore, in contrast to conventional sweets, by no means sins, but are among the best possible snacks that you can treat yourself.

Raw plant-based treats are healthy. Try it! Nibble plant-based treats and enjoy!

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Yummy Plant-Based Treats Easy To Prepare You Will Enjoy



These tarts are pretty much the essence of autumn (and mostly a variation on this recipe, cuz it’s so yummy). This time of year is my favourite: the crisp air, vibrantly coloured leaves falling off their branches, warm drinks and forest walks, cozy nights in (or out), layers and toques and thick socks… what’s not to love!?

superfood energy bars with cacao


These are chock full of superfoods to provide your body and mind with long-lasting energy to get through your busy (or leisurely) day. What have they got? Chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, cacao nibs, raisins, dates, and coconut. You can’t beat this recipe as far as nutrition goes. Try to find organic varieties of each ingredient – and of course raw!



I made tarts. They’re a simple, elegant treat to share with friends. I am always proud of myself when I manage to create a dessert that doesn’t include chocolate. This recipe is raw, vegan, and gluten-free if you use gluten-free oats.

These vegan chocolate truffles are totally divine

raw carrot cake with cashew cream cheese frosting

I promised carrot cake – I deliver a carrot cake (in cyberspace, anyway). This is a delightful recipe that I think everyone can appreciate. We all love(d) the classic dessert version, but I’m not crazy about the processed ingredients like white sugar, refined flour, pasteurized butter, and cream cheese. I decided to remake this baby with healthy whole foods! Consider it DONE.



Do you like moist, dense brownies? Do you like creamy, cinnamon-y sweet potato or pumpkin pie? Then I bring good news with me today, friend. This recipe is for you. It’s both those magical, wondrous foods combined into one cake. Hellooo.

Dates & Nuts Modak recipe by Cooking with Rachna

Healthy ‘Dates & Nuts Modak’ recipe. This healthy date & nuts recipe does not involve any additional sweeteners like sugar powder, syrup, or jaggery, yet it still tastes absolutely rich and tasty. If you do not have a mold, roll into balls. Also, by only using natural ingredients like nuts with Dates as a primary ingredient, the recipe is really simple and easy to prepare. No roasting or cooking of any kind makes it really fun and leaves no excuse for not to try it out.

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