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Why Alkaline Vegan Recipes Are Good For Your Health

What are alkaline vegan recipes, and why is it essential to eat an alkaline vegan diet?

How does an alkaline or basic vegan diet benefit your health?

It is essential to prepare alkaline foods to stay or become healthy and vital. And it is precisely a combination of vegan & alkaline that is a good prerequisite for lasting health or the prevention of diseases.

The Alkaline Diet, or A-Line Diet for short, has gained popularity through various celebrities who have lost weight with this diet.

An alkaline diet can refer to as a vegetarian or vegan diet. The consumption of meat, fish, dairy products, sugar, and caffeine increases pH and acidifies the body.

Why should we cook alkaline vegan recipes?

If we use too few alkaline ingredients in cooking, the body cell has to do the job and produce bases.
If humans consumed acidic foods without this base-forming function, they would die.
It does not happen because the 80 trillion body cells balance everything to keep the pH in the blood at 7.4.
Therefore it is crucial that we prepare foods alkaline so that the body can store the nutrients in the cells with the least possible effort.

When is the pH basic or alkaline?

Our blood is an ecosystem. The human body consists of approximately 80 billion body cells. Each of these body cells relies on our blood to have an exact pH of 7.4.

This value always remains stable, although from the outside different pH values, usually below 7.4, affect our body, be it through bad, environmentally polluted oxygen, stress, or nutrition.
pH values ​​of 1 to 7 are acids
pH values ​​of 7 to 14 we referred to as bases or alkaline

The value 7 is neutral – for example, water.

There is confusion between the properties of basic and base-forming. We call them base-forming foods because their metabolism causes the body to produce bases. Most foods we eat are at a pH between 4 and 1.
For example, although vinegar has a pH of 1, it is commonly referred to as alkaline. Also, potatoes, asparagus, or tomatoes are considered basic. This refers to base-forming because if a chemist determines the pH values ​​of these vegetables, they are below 7, and they would be acidic. 

The essential base suppliers for your alkaline vegan recipes you should eat every day
High-quality natural sea salt.
Fermented foods such as tofu, tempeh, sauerkraut, base soup, miso, ume paste.
Alkaline herbs and spices include laurel, cinnamon, juniper, turmeric, ginger, and garlic.
High-quality oils and fats like linseed, olive, and thistle oil.

Alkaline Vegan Recipes That Are Good For Your Health

Curry Broccoli Salad

alkaline vegan recipes

This raw Curry Broccoli Salad with sweet grapes and crunchy walnuts is the easy answer to a crowd-pleasing alkaline side for picnics and barbecues. No mayo, no dairy, and so delicious! Aside from barbecues, it’s a great option for lunches because it’s just the right level of satisfaction not too heavy that you’ll feel like taking a nap after you devour it

Gentle Morning Kitchari (One Pot, Vegan, GF)


This Gentle Morning Kitchari is loaded with protein to help start your day off right! It’s flavourful, warming, comforting and so easy to make in one pot!


Vegan Alkaline Green Juice Recipe | Dr Sebi Approved |

Tofu Scramble Stuffed Avocado

alkaline vegan recipes

Want a wonderfully light, yet satisfying breakfast that’s also alkaline? Look no further than this Tofu Scramble Stuffed Avocado. In this recipe, creamy halved avocados are stuffed with a savory tofu scramble. Not only is this breakfast different, it’s also incredibly easy to make!

Garden Veggie Burger

Delicious gluten-free burger alert! This Garden Veggie Burger is made from a variety of vegetable that is combined to form flavorful patties. Crispy on the outside, but tender on the inside — does it get better than this? Serve these on the roll of your choice if you’re not strictly alkaline, with a slice of tomato and some greens, or enjoy it on a bed of dark, leafy greens and grains as a part of a hearty salad.

Alkaline Vegan Recipe Electric Chickpea Burger

Alkaline Vegan Recipe-Shakshuka 

alkaline vegan recipes

Shakshuka is one of those breakfast recipes that has steadily gained popularity in the last couple of years, but anyone who’s enjoyed a North African or Middle Eastern breakfast will be familiar with its rich and tangy flavors. Typically topped with eggs, this recipe substitutes them for seasoned silken tofu, giving you a genuine, egg-free shakshuka experience. This is an easy one-pan meal serve with bread that’s perfect for soaking up all the flavorful tomato sauce.

Spiced Coconut Dal

This simple Spiced Coconut Dal is the ultimate recovery food after long days of outdoor activity and intense exercise. Although it seems plain, warm spices add a complexity of flavor that will make you want to savor every bite. Plus, you can add whatever toppings you like! It’s especially good when mixed with sautéed onions, dark, leafy greens, and tempeh for extra protein.

Summer Zoodle Glow Bowl With Creamy Avocado Lime Sauce

alkaline vegan recipes

Zoodles are a fun way to switch things up if you want a lighter version of pasta. Don’t be fooled, though – this Summer Zoodle Glow Bowl is filling. With edamame and the creamy avocado lime sauce, as well as any veggies you ad, this dish is a fresh and flavorful meal that’s perfect for warmer weather. These zoodles you can serve raw or sautéed for a more pasta-like texture, but eating them raw makes for a meal that’s refreshing.

Alkaline Electric Avocado Mayo

Raw Vegan Meltaway Balls

alkaline vegan recipes

Vegan Meltaway Balls can be eaten for breakfast or as a snack throughout the day.

Source: Raw Vegan Meltaway Balls by Karielyn Tillman

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