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The Best Quick & Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes Ever

Quick & easy vegan breakfast recipes to choose from

Here are some quick & easy vegan breakfast recipes.
Breakfast is something important and has to be enjoyed to start your day in a positive way. These days, many run out of the house, eating breakfast on the way. This is not how to start a day with a good and satisfying feeling.

Breakfast needs to be a meal that lets you tune in to a beautiful, happy day, and everything will work out easier. Choose from these delicious, quick & easy vegan Breakfast recipes and enjoy and begin the day with a good attitude.

You can prepare many recipes in the evening, like overnight oat recipes, and some you can even take with you for lunch or give to the kids for a school meal.

The magic of breakfast can start with making vegan overnight oats before bed, scrambled Tofu, or this delicious quick & easy Pancake.

Don’t skip breakfast because it jumpstarts your metabolism. This is the reason why many health professionals say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Enjoy the beginning of a new, pleasant day.

The Best Quick & Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes Ever


The trick to any good toast is to use the freshest bread possible because crunching into a crusty exterior and then to a fluffy interior is just too dreamy. Recipe here.


This savory Southwest, easy vegan breakfast skillet features loads of veggies cooked up with vegan sausage and spices for a filling, high-fiber meal that’s perfect for energizing your day. Recipe here.

Vegan Sprouted Lentil and Avocado Toast

Ginger Coriander Sprouted Lentils Avocado Toast. Sprout Lentils or Mung Beans, Lightly saute with ginger, onion, and tomato and serve over Mashed Avocado Toast. Get the recipe here.

 Quick & Easy Pancakes

The Best Quick & Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes Ever

The name says it all. Recipe here.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls with Savory Granola

You can definitely make bowl assembly faster by preparing the dressing and granola in advance! If you don’t have the dressing handy, you can swap another dressing of choice, or you can simply add a hunk of avocado to the bowl. Get the recipe here.

 Scrambled Tofu

The Best Quick & Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes Ever

A vegan classic! Recipe.

 Vegan Overnight Oats

The Best Quick & Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes Ever

Easy AND delicious. Recipe here.

 Waffle Iron Hash Browns

PRO TIP: You can use frozen tater tots to make this recipe even easier.

 5–Minute Oatmeal Power Bowl

The Best Quick & Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes Ever

Try this recipe topped with your favorite nuts and dried fruit!

Super Green Smoothie Bowl

A healthy way to start your day! Recipe here. 

The Raspberry Coconut Smoothie and more

you can find it here >Vegan for Breakfast

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