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The Easy Vegan Recipe – Cheesy Mac Recipe You always Wanted

Easy vegan recipe an affordable cheesy Mac baked with zucchini

The easy vegan recipe for cheesy Mac, who does not like it?
Now is the season for fresh locally grown vegetables to make healthy vegan food. The best time to buy and make some healthy vegan recipes.
Nothing is more healthy than fresh vegetables and greens. This easy vegan recipe with zucchini and baked cheesy mac also can be combined with a fresh garden salad made with lettuce, spinach fresh green onions, and herbs. A dressing made with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper?  And why not, a little bit garlic?
Enjoy this easy vegan recipe!

The Easy Vegan Cheesy Mac – Zucchini Recipe You always Wanted

Zucchini season is in action and there’s still time to make this absolutely amazing and succulent mac and zucchini casserole. When I made this dish the first time a couple of months ago, it instantly became me and my boyfriend’s favorite. It is really “cheesy” thanks to the full-fat coconut milk and nutritional yeast combo. Zucchini adds a lot of juiciness but remains pretty modest when it comes to taste. So my bet is the kids will love it too because I don’t know a child who doesn’t like cheesy macaroni! And I promise you, this is one of the best mac and cheese you have ever eaten. But enough of the advertising let’s get cooking!

The Easy Vegan Recipe Cheesy Mac - Zucchini Recipe You always Wanted

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