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The Best Vegan Rice Bowl Recipes You Always Wanted

 Vegan Rice Bowl Recipes for your lunch

Vegan rice bowls are easy to prepare and a good Idea for lunch . Here we have many beautiful recipe ideas for you  a  variety made of  different kinds of rice . All of them can be replace with quinoa or millet ,for example ,if you do not like  rice.

Also, the sort of rice can be changed ,if you do not like black rice ,use another kind. ther is a big variety of delicious healthy and nutritious vegan rice bowl recipes and you can try them all. This makes it easy to have every day a tasty lunch which you can take with you to work or eat at home with the family .

Some of them will sure be a favorite of everybody . On page two are some awesome exotic vegan rice bowl recipes which are quite different ,with Mango, Avocado, Pineapple and Coconut.we have a vegan Cuba bowl, Middle Eastern Mujadara, and a Mediterranean Veggie rice bowl  . Also a Vegan Protein bowl , Tofu Asparagus Rice bowl and Teriyaki Cauliflower bowl

This is really a diversity of the best vegan rice bowl recipes  you ever wanted.


The Best Vegan Rice Bowl Recipes You Always Wanted

Rice bowls are great not only because they are easy to assemble, but they also make great lunch options for the week. And if you’re not a fan of white, brown or black rice, you can easily substitute the rice for cauliflower rice or quinoa

Wild Rice And Roasted Root Vegetable Bowl

Get the recipe from Oh My Veggies here.

For this particular bowl, I tossed the wild rice in red wine vinegar and olive oil, and used seasonal root vegetables, which pair nicely with the earthy flavor of wild rice. Any root vegetables you like will work. A simple tahini dressing is drizzled over the top and then arugula, pomegranate arils and pepitas are added as a finishing touch.

Black Rice, Romesco And Roasted Veggie Bowl

Get the recipe from Beard & Bonnet here.

some days simplicity is best when it comes to meals. Nothing fancy just a little leftover rice, roasted veggies, and one spectacular sauce all served up in a colorful bowl that you just cannot wait to dig your fork into.

Curried Veggie Brown Rice Bowl

Get the recipe from Avocado A Day here.

To the broccoli haters out there, I am determined to convert you with this post.  I rarely tell my clients to eat any foods they don’t like, but because broccoli is such an inexpensive, powerful superfood, I often turn into a nagging mom on this one.

Roasted Potato And Bean Bowl With Aubergine Bacon

Get the recipe from Green Evi here.

It is going to be very quick today….featuring busy girls leftover magic. It’s all I have time for nowadays. After endless hours of grocery shopping, cooking and photographing I have very little energy to make anything other than a bowl of delicious leftovers.


Pineapple Glazed Tempeh And Creamy Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Get the recipe from Beetific Beginnings here.

Tropical Coconut Rice Bowl

Get the recipe from A Cedar Spoon here.

Spicy-Peanut Portobello Kale Rice Bowl

Get the recipe Healthy Happy Life here.

Spicy Mango And Avocado Rice Bowl

Get the recipe from Love & Lemons here.

Vegan Cuban Bowl

Get the recipe from The Wanderlust Kitchen here.

Middle Eastern Mujadara

Get the recipe from At The Immigrant’s Table here

Mediterranean Veggie Rice Bowl

Get the recipe from Small Green Kitchen here.

Nourish Bowls With Creamy Lemon Garlic Dressing

Get the recipe from Get Inspired Everyday here.

Vegan Protein Bowl

Get the recipe from The Wellbar Journal here.

Vegan Brown Rice Congee With Shiitake Mushrooms

Get the recipe from Divine Healthy Food here.

Tofu Asparagus Rice Bowl

Get the recipe from Stephanie Gold Marie here.

Teriyaki Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Get the recipe from Yup.. It’s Vegan here.

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