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Refreshing Melon Recipes help make Summer more pleasant for you.

Summertime is Melon time.

Time for refreshing Melon recipes. Hardly any other fruit is so associated with summer as the Melon.
Melons are a hit, whether as a snack on the go or a refreshment on the beach! They taste great as a summer drink, smoothie, or dessert. Melons enjoy great popularity as a sweet and salty starter or in a salad, especially on hot summer days. Because they taste delicious, refresh, and are low in calories. A light treat for the hot days!

Variants of Melons

Melons have been known and loved as cultivated plants for thousands of years. There are over 750 different types of melons worldwide. All kinds of melons belong to the cucurbit family, which explains their close resemblance to the pumpkin in many ways. Melons and pumpkins grow on the ground and form huge round fruits. But in the botanical sense, melons and pumpkins are not fruit but vegetables. Because of their sweetness and juiciness, we think of melons as fruit.

There are two groups of Melons, the watermelon group and the cantaloupe group. Sugar melons are much more closely related to cucumbers than to watermelons. We can see this from the inner fruit casing and the much firmer fruit flesh of the sugar melons. In the case of the sugar melons, there are distinctions between three large groups: the honeydew melons, the cantaloupe melons, and the netted melons.

Refreshing Melon Recipes

The classic Melon is the Watermelon.

Everyone knows these huge, oval melons, dark green on the outside with light green spots and bright red on the inside. The black pips in the flesh create a nice contrast in this colorful fruit. And watermelons are real heavyweights, weighing an average of 4 to 6 kilos. The pulp is tender, fresh, sweet, and so low in calories! As the name suggests, Watermelon consists of 95% water. It is the Melon with the lowest calories and, at the same time, the most water.

The high water content makes them so popular in midsummer. Cut into small cubes; the Watermelon is the ideal summer snack! But it is also suitable for smoothies, a summer drink, a fruit salad or other refreshing melon recipes.

The Honey Melon

The honeydew Melon has a sun-yellow, smooth skin and white flesh that shimmers in light green. The shape of the honeydew Melon is oval, like a football, and the size of the fruit is very similar. The honeydew Melon weighs 1.5 to 3 kilos on average. As the name suggests, the honeydew Melon tastes very sweet and has relatively fresh notes. It belongs to the group of sugar melons, which is also clearly noticeable with a good 10 percent fructose per Melon. As a result, the calorie content is also higher than Watermelon.

The Cantaloupe Melon

The cantaloupe melon is something unique among the muskmelons. Under the green skin, covered by a close-meshed, beige-white net, is a deliciously tasty, bright orange flesh. It is firm in consistency yet very juicy, sweet, and finely aromatic. These melons got their unique name from the papal estate cultivation “Cantaloupe” near Rome. The cantaloupe melon is characterized not only by its delicate taste but also by the fact that, with 35 kcal per 100g of pulp, it has the lowest number of calories among the sugar melons. Good for tasty melon recipes for weight loss.

The Galia or Net Melon.

The Galia melon is the most essential member of the netted melon family. The characteristic yellow skin, covered with a rough mesh, hides a white pulp core that is slightly green on the edge. The Galia melon has a spherical shape the size of a small handball and weighs around 1.5 kilos on average.
The Galia melon is also a sugar melon that tastes sweet and is the ideal dessert melon. Whether cut into wedges to eat out of the hand or as an ice-cold ingredient in a fruit salad, this Melon is the fruity-fresh conclusion to a good summer meal. See one of the melon recipes > Galia Melon Bingsu w/ Coconut {Vegan}

Refreshing Melon Recipes

Watermelon Lemonade

Refreshing Melon Recipes

This Watermelon Lemonade is delicious and refreshing on a hot summer day. Plus, with only 4 ingredients, it’s easy to make, so you can get back to relaxing!


Watermelon pico de gallo is a sweet, spicy, & juicy salsa that will be your new summer favorite.


This melt-in-your-mouth vegan watermelon recipe is another take on the recent watermelon mock-meat trend. Make sure to watch the how-to video.

Cantaloupe Salad With Cucumber, Feta, and Mint

Refreshing Melon Recipes

This gorgeous cantaloupe salad is like summer in a bowl! With cucumber, tomatoes, vegan feta, fresh mint, and a lemon-y harissa dressing that adds a bit of earthiness and zip! 


Chilled Cantaloupe Soup is a fast, healthy, and delicious celebration of summer. With just a few ingredients, this recipe can be made for just a few dollars, packing maximum wow for minimal expense.

Watermelon Vegan Tuna with Spicy Mayo Sauce

This recipe for juicy, salty, melt-in-your-mouth vegan tuna made out of watermelons will be your new favorite poké bowl add-on!


Honeydew melon milk tea is the perfect refresher on a sunny day! Made from fresh honeydew, it’s based on easy ingredients and super-simple steps. The ideal bubble tea for any fruit lover!

Watermelon Feta Mint Salad

Refreshing Melon Recipes

The best watermelon feta mint salad ever! Juicy watermelon, tangy feta cheese, and mint come together in a perfect side dish.


Refreshing Melon Recipes

In this smoothie recipe, you can absolutely substitute honeydew or other green-fleshed summer melon. The banana and coconut will marry with those flavors nicely as well.


Refreshing Melon Recipes

These fun, fresh watermelon ice lollies have just three ingredients and are super simple to make. With no added sugar, they are the perfect healthy snack or treat.

Galia Melon Marmalade

This marmalade, with its chunky bits of citrus held together by slow-cooked melon pulp, tastes very good. The marmalade has a fragrant, blossomy smell. 

Melon Balls Recipe

Refreshing Melon Recipes

For a fancy touch with this fruit salad, use a melon baller.


This is one of those recipes that isn’t really a recipe. Just ball up some melons and cucumbers, then thread them on skewers.

 Watermelon Rind Dosa

Recipes like watermelon rind dosa have an innate appeal for Indians who love to recycle every last bit of everything. The watermelon rind dosa uses a part of the watermelon that would otherwise be discarded — the white part that is not as sweet as the pink, although not as tough as the green skin. But that white part is rather edible and even better, it is packed with several vitamins. Why waste it?

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